Religious language is meaningless essay plan

religious language is meaningless essay plan

Non-cognitive language conveys information that is not factual; feelings and emotional claims. In short the Verification principle stipulates that only assertions which could be verified through observation or experience could convey factual information and thus be meaningful. And so religious language may not be meaningful in the same way a scientific fact meaningful and true, but, as the anti realist would state, this is irrelevant. For verificationists religious language is meaningless essay plan it is irrelevant whether a statement is true, the important factor lies in whether the statement is meaningful. In the beginning of the 20th century two streams of thought arose, the verificationists and following this, the falsificationist.

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However myths and symbols are subjective and arent supposed to convey facts, they religious language is meaningless essay plan have been used by biblical writers for thousands of years, as Erika Dinker Van Schubert states symbol expresses what is beyond rational recognition and this also follows for myth. Ramsay spoke of models and qualifiers, we use human models such as good and qualify them with another word to show they apply differently, such as infinitely good. Analytic Propositions- true by definition, mathematical or required by the definition of the words. Logical Positivists- got together to discuss the problems of religious language. Hick argued that statements are eschatologically verifiable, so that after someone dies, they can verify all the statements they made when they were alive, however this is a weak argument against verificationism, and it does not weaken the verification. Religious language poses a distinct and complicated problem for philosophers.

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Cant tell us anything but not false. A statement which cannot be conclusively verified is devoid of meaning. It is non cognitive and its purpose is not to make factual statements, but to be used within a religious context and environment. Religious believers do not deny that the problem exists and have strived to find solutions, whether or not God exists is unrelated; the point is that we need a common basis in which to discuss the ultimate human idea. Religious, language is meaningless, discuss (35)-, without it- Religion would die out, couldnt pray, helps you understand religion, couldnt evangelise-convert to Christianity and share your faith with others. Doesnt stand up against its own test- meaningless. An answer to this could lie in the use of the Via Negative, or negative way, in which case we cannot say what god is but we can say what God isnt.

Non-cognitive- feelings, most as RL cant be tested. In terms of the community the statement affects their lifestyle and beliefs and so is in every way significant. The meaning of any given statement is contained in the way it is used and its context, we may not ever reach a fully agreed, universal way, to discuss God, yet that does not inhibit a religious statement being personally meaningful for the individual. The use of equivocal language, which is still often used by some believers, also fails to give us any real understanding of God, the words used to describe Gods attributes share the same meaning when applied human beings and so we begin to anthropomorphise God. The cross represents Jesus death and thus forgiveness, salvation, an after religious language is meaningless essay plan life and other key Christian ideas. Propounded by Antony Flew in the 1950s, the Falsification principle seems to be the opposite of its predecessor, where the verification principle states that for an assertion to be meaningful it must be proved. Univocal language is meaningless as it employs the same term in a completely different sense; it is ambiguous and therefore tells us nothing about God. We can look at language, especially religious language, from one of two stand points; the realist and the anti-realist. The verification principle was concerned with the distinction between sense and non sense, and how this affected meaning. Aquinas himself admitted that we know that God is, but not what God. If we look at it from an anti-realist point of view, whether it refers to a true state of affairs is irrelevant and thus a statement is meaningful because it means something to that community and affects them accordingly. Cant test historical facts.

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However the verification principle contained within itself its own downfall and with the death of the logical positivism, the falsification debate arose. The believer thus identifies and participates in the symbol, it helps one to focus on what it represents and furthers are knowledge of what it means. If then straight language fails, perhaps we can use symbol. 981 WordsDec 17, 20124 Pages, in the debate about religious language, it is important that broadly speaking, there are two types of language, cognitive and non-cognitive. But as Wittgenstein puts it, we are misunderstanding religious believers; they are playing a different language game to that of science, with different rules.

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Logic amp critical thinking android apps on google play. Maybe, as Paul Tillich suggested, religious language is symbolic rather than built up of simple signs. Pay for essay help with dissertation writing quickly online qld: king county homework help. Ptcas essay 2016, futurpreneur canada business plan writer. You should stick to the alphabetical religious language is meaningless essay plan order instead of the chronological order. The works of jeremy bentham vol chrestomathia essays. Playtime tati essay help, importance of creative writing. It is important to select a tool wisely to have it work the. The problem of religious language considers whether it is possible to talk about God meaningfully if the traditional conceptions of God as being incorporeal, infinite, and timeless, are accepted. Get your in time writing help. Kahrn Sanderson A02 A2 Philosophy Mrs Kassai Critically assess the claim that religious language is meaningless (35 Marks religious language has been argued about by many philosophers with regards to whether or not the ways in which we speak about religion are meaningful.

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religious language is meaningless essay plan

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