Geomorphology dissertations

geomorphology dissertations

2013 Rawis, Sharon. Reform(ulat)ing the Region: Competing Discourses of Region and Regional Change in the Depression-Era.S. We recommend caution as you open such files. Tibetan Migration, Cultural Identity and Place in Portland and New York City 2009 English, John. McKinnon, Innisfree Lorien, some Assemblies Required: the Politics of Land-Use Change in Jackson County, Oregon 2014, naylor, Lindsay Brooke, decolonial Autonomies: Fair Trade, subsistence, and the Everyday Practice of food Sovereignty in the Highlands of Chiapas 2014. Poverty, Race, and Community Organization: Social and Environmental Justice in Eugene, Oregon 2005 Rubinstein, Vicki. A Critical Review of Categories of race and Pan-ethnicity using Cluster Analysis of Foreign-born Residentail Settlement 2003 Green, John.

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Landscape, Electricity and Policy: An Integrated Geographic Approach to Renewable Ener 2003 Shinker, Jacqueline. Department Head, my research covers a wide range of topics in geomorphology and hydrology such as landscape evolution, the interaction between hill-slopes and channels, channel stability and morphology, river sediment transport and sediment yield, stream ecology, in-channel wood dynamics, and modeling. Professor Emeritus, i principally study large rivers, with special interest in sediment transport and stability of lower Fraser River, and the response of Peace River to regulation for hydropower. Comparative Geospatial Analysis of Twitter Data Sentiment during the 20 Presidential Elections 2013 Fisher, David. Reconceiving Wealth for Geographic Analysis: Intersections of Environments, Life and Ethics 2002 Kerr, Robert The Territorial Imperative of Xenophobia: Putting the Extreme Right in its Place 2002 Evered, Kyle Romancing the Region: Mapping the Discursive: Terrains in Turkish geomorphology dissertations Constructs of a Turkish. Conventional Agriculture and the National Organic Standards: Implications for Local Food Production 2004 Rubinstein, Vicki Interpretation of Charcoal Accumulation Rates in a Sediment Core From Carp Lake, Washington 2003 Juhn, Anika.

Professor, my research focuses on the influence of climate variability and change, in conjunction with forest and glacier dynamics, on hydrological processes and the patterns of streamflow and water quality. Stop the Bleeding, Heal the Wound: The Role of Fertilizer Subsidies in Food Security Zomba District, Malawi 2009 Lind, Pollyanna Holocene Floodplain Development of the Sycan River, Oregon 2008 Choi, Y Minie Fighting in the Nations Capital: Understanding Residential and Occupational. Inventing the Basque Block: Heritage Tourism and Identity Politics in Boise, Idaho 2012 Watkins, Derek. Tamagringo: Citizenship and Political Agency in Tamarindo, Costa Rica 2007 Machell, Erin. In the future, marshes will likely erode fastest in areas where shell ridges are mobile and remain resistant where shell ridges are stable. Faculty working on, geomorphology, associate Professor Emeritus.

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Abstract, extensive shell ridges frame the edges of marsh platforms in parts of the Biloxi Marsh of southeast Louisiana. 2010 Peterson, Keith 2010 Schneider, Jane. High School, Othello, Washington 2001 Maeyart, Pam Lebanon High School 2001 Geffen, Brooke Portland Outdoor School 2000 Simmons, Leslie Willamette High School, Eugene Click here for additional Masters in Geographic Education theses. While most of our research is quantitatively based and emphasizes measurement, modeling, and prediction of contemporary geomorphic processes, we are also interested in reconstructing the recent geomorphic history of our planet, particularly in areas that have been recently glaciated. University of New Orleans Theses and. The Geomorphic Legacy of Splash Dams in the Southern Oregon Coast Range 2011 Bellinger, Nathan. You can add extra features as you. Associate Professor, canada Research Chair in Landscapes of Climate Change. Reforestation, Water Yield, and Management of Micro-Watersheds in Central America 2012 Kusler, Jennifer. 2014 Vullmer-Buhl, Brian 2014 Mosurinjohn, Nathan 2014 Mills, Amanda. Forging the Nation Through Rails: Transportation Infrastructure and the Emergence of Chinese Nationalism 2012 McAfee, Heather.

Theses date author title 2015 Tierney, Lauren. Thurston Middle School, Springfield 2008 Shea, Kristi Teeland Middle School, Matanuska Valley, Alaska 2008 Wakefield, Julie. 2009 Wren, Janelle. Canadians Among Us: Migration to the Twin Cities Urban Area 2007 Lake, Adam. 2009 Scholtz, Michael 2009 Shea, Kristin.

A Survey of Secondary Geography Curricula in Canada and England 2004 Marlon, Jennifer A Meta-Analysis of Charcoal-Based Fire History Records from the Northwestern United States 2004 Plank, Alexandria. 2011 Kresner, Jeremy. Masters in the Geographic Education Summer Program geomorphology dissertations date author school 2015 Niedzweicki, Mark. Interpretation of Charcoal Accumulation Rates in a Sediment Core From Carp Lake, Washington 2005 Strandhagen, Erik Views of the Rivers: Representing Streamflow of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem 2004 Groshong, Lorin. The supplemental files are provided "AS IS" without warranty. 2010 Swope, Deborah 2010 Graham, Casey. Understanding the Roles of Network Structure and Distance in the Process of Natural Resource Policy Implementation 2015 Duffin, Jenna. Stream Channel Response to Changes in Cattle and Elk Grazing Pressure and Beaver Activity 2003 Baldwin, Jeffrey. Serbia and Montenegro 2011 Shao-Wai, Tu Assessment of Methods for Monitoring Responses to River Restoration: Riverbed and Channel Form Changes 2011 Crickmore, Ian David. The supplemental file or files you are about to download were provided to ProQuest by the author as part of a dissertation or thesis.

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The Baltic Pearl in the Window to Europe:. The Egocentric Map Perspective in Qualitative Classed Chloropleth Maps 2010 Ptak, Thomas. Cascade High School, Everett, WA 2007 Deutsch-Kirkman, Anne Centennial Middle School, Portland 2007 Klarr, Nathan Agnes Middle School, Springfield 2007 Ray, Jason Briggs Middle School, Springfield 2007 Shilling, Annika Duniway Middle School, McMinnville 2007 Thrope, Britt Russia High School 2007 Unruh. Passport Politics: Passportization and Territoriality in the De Facto States of Georgia 2011 Phelps, Jessica. Degree Program, earth and Environmental Sciences. Professor Emeritus, my research focusses on global environmental change in mountainous landscapes, emphasizing the role of relief, hydroclimatology and human activities as the major drivers of change. Well find the best-suited writer for your dissertation and get them to work as soon as possible. Globalization and Neoliberalism in Ecuador: The Expansion and Effects of the Commercial Tuna Fishing Industry 2011 Kladzyk, Rene. We have a long tradition of studying the geomorphic impact of land use changes, riparian forest disturbance, and aquatic eco-hydraulics on fluvial systems, as well as the link between Quaternary glaciations and the function and structure of the contemporary landscape of glaciated environments. I work closely with practitioners, government agencies and utilities to integrate the best available science into environmental monitoring, management and policy. Quantitative Comparison of Categorical Maps with Applications for the Analysis of Global Environmental Data 2004 Hurley, Patrick.

Dissertations, dATE, author, title 2015, foster, Douglas, militarism in Tajikistan: Realities of Post-Soviet Nation Building 2014. Petersburgs Chinese Quarter 2009 Hommel, Demian. An emerging research direction in our geomorphology program involves studying the interaction between the various geomorphic processes at the scale of entire watersheds and landscapes. Coast and Geodetic Survey Nautical Charts: A Cartographic History 2007 Mansfield, Ginger. Behind the Industrial Facade: An Exploration of Urban Revitalization and Migration in Portland, Oregons Pearl District 2005 Derrick, Matthew. Recommended Citation, crawford, Frances., geomorphology of shell ridges and their effect on the stabilization of the Biloxi Marsh, East Louisiana" (2018). Professor, associate Head of Graduate Program, i am a fluvial geomorphologist interested in how rivers respond to landuse and environmental changes.

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Still, our writers can also create theses on Business, Psychology, Marketing, Finance and many other subjects. Civil Engineering, Earth and Ocean Sciences, and, forest Sciences. Depending on the size of the file(s) you are downloading, the system may take some time to download them. 2010 Lawrence, Damien. Our work is conducted at field sites in Canada and around the world; in our recently constructed hydraulics laboratory that houses several flumes of various sizes; and using numerical and theoretical models constructed at various spatial and temporal scales.

Behind stable ridges, marsh platform biomass is relatively unaffected. Placing risk and security: news media framing of the 2004 tsunami disaster 2009 Walsh, Megan. I work at the intersection of climate science, glaciology, geomorphology and human adaptation and resilience. Traditional Infrastructure, Modern Flows: Cultural Politics of Modernization in the Kathmandu Valley 2015 Langston, Trevor. Dynamic Time Course of Cognitive Map Distortion 2008 Nurhussein, Safy Global Networks, Fragmentation, and the Rise of Telecommunications in Stateless Somalia 2008 Pera, Jennifer.

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Effectiveness of Extracting Water Surface Slopes From LiDAR Data Within the Active Channel: Sandy River, Oregon, USA 2009 Jablonski, Jon. 2010 Boggs, Eric. 2008 Evaniuck, Jayson Raleigh-Egypt High School, Memphis, TN 2008 Gault, Jonthan. Late Holocene Salmon Abundance in the Oregon Coast Range: A Paleolimnological Approach 2012 Metcalfe, Benhamin Walter The Influence of Cognitive Style on Navigational Map Reading Ability 2011 Khan, Mahmood. Agency, Democracy and Efficacy in Nicaraguan NGO Landscapes 2007 McConnel, Jonothon. Postglacial Vegetation Change in the Interior Temperate Rainforest of British Columbia 2014 Young, Alanna. Just Drops in the Ocean: The Contextualized Identities of African University Students in Their Home Countries and in the United States 2004 Holman, Justin. In some cases, the file type may be unknown or may.exe file. Praskievics, Sarah Jean, a Hierarchical Modeling Approach to Simulating the Geomorphic Response of River Systems to Climate change 2014, trautman, Laurie Darian, temporary Worker, Permanent Alien: an analysis of guest worker Policies in the United States and Canada 2013. Global Warming in the American Mind: The Roles of Affect Imagery and World Views in Risk Perception, Policy Preferences and Behavior 2004 Pavulans, Anna-Minna.

My research group is conducting laboratory experiments and field studies as part of a larger effort to improve our understanding of stream channel (in)stability, fish habitat and bed material transport. The geography of fire: A paleo-perspective 2009 Dixon, Megan. Metropolitan Area 2008 Fischetti, Diana Resist From Home?: Confronting Consumerism from Ecovillage at Ithaca 2008 Goworowska, Justyna Gentrification, Displacement and the Ethnic Neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn 2008 Martinelli, Earl. ProQuest is not responsible for the content, format or impact on the supplemental file(s) on our system. These collaborators come from within our department and from various other departments across the university, including. My research focuses on the formation of glaciated landscapes and landscape response to climate change, from the temperate regions of BC, the Andes and the Himalayas to the polar regions of Greenland and Antarctica. Collaborative Structure, Power and Place: A Case Study geomorphology dissertations of Four Western Oregon Watershed Councils 2007 Crooks, Mary. To get dissertation assistance, just tell us what you need. Chigumira, Easther, re-peasantization Under the Fast Track Land Reform Program: Implications for Livelihood and Landscape Change in Sanyati District, Zimbabwe 2014, dietrich, James, applications of Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry to Fluvial. Holocene Fire and Vegetation History of the Oregon Coast Range USA 2003 Fouty, Suzanne. Kelley, Maureen Ann, route Descriptions Using Maps, Photomaps, and Imagery: An Experiential Analysis 2013, martinez, Adriana Elizabeth, the Geographic Effects of Native and Invasive Riparian Vegetation: Sprauge River, Oregon 2013. About pqdt Open, help(new window copyright Notification, copyright in each Dissertation and Thesis is retained by the author.