Value of work essay

value of work essay

Values Essay: Expressing the Ability to Apply Social Concepts and Values and Understanding the Social Work Values and Ethics. A social worker must stay within their practice value of work essay or territory. Subsequently , he redesigned the nozzle on the paint sprayer to eliminate expensive spray and health hazards, and then reduced energy costs on the baking ovens (248). At the end of the day if we dont try to meliorate our life, no one will. Thus what the little girl does is one dimension of work, because instead of staying home to only eat and sleep, she is actually doing activities which are improving her as an individual. The next value included in the Code of Ethics is social justice. Through different stages of the human society, human beings have discovered and developed numerous facilities which make our life easier than ever. For the people that only work to provide for themselves the value of work may not be as important as the value of having a job. Work should be the key to human survival and flourishing, and not to the degradation of the individual and his moral values.

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The social worker must deal with social injustice for clients. Work requires the expenditure of time and energy. Qualified writers in the subject of social work are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. The individuals, who distort this balance of producing and enjoying the benefits, by profiting without working, do not flourish. An individuals work creates private property and a person owns himself and therefore has property in the free use of his time, abilities, value of work essay and efforts. Social work is a profession where the objective is to improve the lives of individuals. Followed by reflection on them and how they relate to the value base of social work. Productive work on the other hand is the process by which we can control our existence by acquiring knowledge and translating our ideas and values into physical form. For a social worker to be their best, they need to continue to educate him or herself.

Biestek (1961 cited in Dominelli 2004) put together seven points that he felt formed the traditional social work values. While some believe a person is defined by their level of education or occupational status, Roses research on blue-collar workers indicates that all jobs require a great deal of intelligence and hard work to succeed. As social workers, we must help our clients communicate with others. It takes time for the client to trust the social worker. Moreover, the dynamics of the business world we live in accentuate the unquestionable need for work.

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Work provides the individual with the ability to be independent, to flourish, to develop, and most importantly, to find a meaning to life. In the same way that Rosie developed many interpersonal skills specific to her job as a waitress, Joe also refined many job-specific skills. Other aspects of work Up to now we have discussed work as a virtue and its importance. He is able to handle conflicts and have self-determination. In times of uncertainty, interdependence and market economy, the individual has to rely on his work to ensure his own well-being. The values are in place for the social worker and their work with the client. Examples of such value of work essay values are Respect for human dignity and for individual and cultural diversity, Value for every human being, their beliefs, goals, preferences and needs, also Respect for human rights and self-determination. If a member of the family has a decision to make, we will share our views and opinions, but ultimately always support and respect the final choice made.

References: National Assoication of Social Worker. At the moment when you become capable of supporting yourself, you should do so by working. (cited in Thompson 2005, p108) Values can vary greatly from one culture to another, from family to family and differ between each individual. It makes sense to start off by exploring what is meant by the word value. As social workers, we must be willing to render our services. For this reason, I have certain individuals I do not trust. I am in no doubt this made a huge difference to how confident I was as a mother. As a social worker, I will treat my clients with respect and dignity. As Thompson suggests.a value is something we hold dear, something we see as important and worthy of safeguarding. To work is to spend time and energy in producing something, instead of lying on the beach and enjoying the sun. Retrieved from Code of Ethics:. As a matter of fact, one should also take into consideration the way people approach work.

Values Essay: Expressing the Ability to Apply Social Concepts

The individuals I visited with are without living family members. I believe this was all part of a process that inspired me to form a non-judgemental attitude. According to Younkins meaningful life is interconnected with reason, productive work, goal achievement, human flourishing and happiness. It is our job as humans to respect the brilliance of all people and their work if we want a healthy democratic society (254). The greatest good for the greatest number is the issue for these people. The client and the clients needs should be the social workers main interest. A common 20th-21st century stereotype is that blue-collar work is meaningless which leaves those who work such jobs feeling hopelessly unappreciated and overworked. An unreasonable person might prefer to lie on the beach and enjoy the present. Besides knowledge, Rosie must also have a good memory, the ability to multitask well, navigation skills, coordination, and patience. We are not to act irresponsibly or be untruthful. Everyone by natural law has the liberty to do whatever he or she wants as long as it does not interfere with the others liberty. You can get tired and frustrated from your work, but at the moment when you gather around the Christmas tree you will have been able to afford a present for your children and can cherish upon a glass of wine with your wife. It is certainly not my position to impact upon any decision the service user may make.

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Through work we can be productive and create material values. After a tragic death in the family, my family and I were able to help one another with bereavement. The second purpose of this essay is to show that I have a clear understanding of the social work values and ethics. For instance, a reasonable person would choose to work today and use the accumulated wealth to entertain oneself later. Even though she was made aware of the truth, I was never apologised. When you base your human survival on drug dealing, you risk being caught up in a hierarchy of influences you cannot control, since the business is illegal. All these terms are used to identify people of certain occupations, interests and lifestyle. Trust and confidentiality is the key to the relationship between the social worker and the client. Workaholics, the people whose only purpose in life is work, impinge themselves from other activities.

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One occasion I can recall is my mother thinking I had stolen a cake from the kitchen cupboard, my brother had in fact taken. Values are something people make use of in their lives everyday, probably without even realising. The British Association value of work essay of Social Workers, (basw promote a Code of Ethics, that they expect each and every social worker to adhere. Even though I have addressed issues for my father, he always makes his own decisions. Professors can come up with a million and one possible scenarios as to what could happen on the job, but most of the time it is not the education that separates those from the uneducated, it is the experienced that separates those from the inexperienced.

At this point, the Anna has developed as an independent individual who can pursue her goals through her own means. Values serve as a guide for our lifestyle and interacting with individuals. A friend of my fathers is a retired truck driver. All in all, Roses essay poses many interesting questions not just about blue-collar work, but deeper questions about how to treat others in the world around. If one pursues productive work to the exclusion of everything else in ones life, so that it becomes ones only purpose in life, this will undermine ones flourishing. Although Biestek defined these values as important nearly fifty years ago, they still remain significant and can be applied to social work today. For instance, prostitution, gambling, and drug dealing constitute work as you get a kind of numeration for the service you provide and in a way you can pursue your goals. There are many hacks and tricks of any kind of trade as Rose states, A waitress acquires knowledge and intuition about the ways and rhythm of the restaurant business (245). Thus, it is through work that we can actualize our abilities and desires, and give meaning to our existence.

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It is this point where Utilitarianism comes into play. Work is at the root of a value of work essay meaningful life, the path to individual independence, and a necessity for human survival and flourishing. As a social worker, the client must be my interest and focus. The trust of the client must be earned. Work as a necessity for human survival and flourishing Flourishing is a synthesis of personal development and change towards perfection. Next Essays Related to, value, of, work, got a writing question? Money and habits are the factors that decide on your life.

I will summarise by identifying areas of my personal values that I think require further development. However, if you wish to become a pianist, there is no professor who value of work essay can teach you play beautifully if you do not spend time practicing every day. My father is an African American senior citizen. His background as an assembly line worker and his intelligence made him much more qualified for his management position. Still, I am aware that even though an individual has chosen to carry out this act it doesnt mean that they are not entitled to services. Through experience, workers can become accustomed to what the interactions or processes work the best. Work as part of a meaningful life. The first social work value is service. Work organizes your life, gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and makes you understand the importance of other things in your life. Rationality is one of the most important attributes of human beings, which distinguishes us from other species.

Work gives you the freedom to chose, freedom to have the things you need and desire. In this regard, work is the only viable tool to concretize rationality. While free will is the deliberate choice of the individual to persist with rationality, reason is the solution the humans have in order to overcome physical and natural limitations. Education cannot teach nearly as much as the experiences Rosie encountered at the diner or what Joe encountered. Work is an essential tool through which individuals can achieve their goals, flourish and have a meaningful life. There may be a time when a client is not value of work essay content with our services. This is a value held by many different cultures and religions, mostly seen as respect towards elders and also towards people in authority.

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Each of these principles contains core values that are imperative for good social work practice. Therefore, if you can not find another job from which you can get satisfaction you should try to give a purpose to your actual job and find satisfaction in what you are doing. Value: Social Justice, ethical Principle: Social workers challenge social injustice. I understand my decisions and actions must be consistent with the values and ethics of nasw. I asked myself Surely it cant be complicated to follow these basic values? Non-judgemental attitude, not judging a person on the way they choose to live their life or the decisions they have made. Value: Service, ethical Principle: Social workers primary goal is to help people in need and to address social problems. I benefited from this support immensely when I became a mother at just eighteen years old, I received an incredible amount of assistance and encouragement from my family. As social workers, we must have knowledge and skills to provide the best services for seniors and other clients. His career on the assembly line helped prepare him for his new position because he knew how the assembly workers felt and how they worked, so it was easier for him to help solve problems. After many years, and several heated confrontations, I came to realise that it wasnt a personal attack against. If you work, you produce wealth which only you have possession of and nobody else does.

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They can teach you the theoretical background, but not the skills. A social worker must stay up to date with guidelines and policies. In the General Social Care Councils Codes of value of work essay practice, respect is referred to throughout, one instance being Respecting and maintaining the dignity and privacy of service users (2002). Dealing with something so broad based as work, which spans across so many different areas, makes this assessment even more difficult. Work as we see it, is a virtue and a necessity. Going back to the element of reason we should stress on the fact that most of the things we are using today are product of reason. He often feels vulnerable and sometimes he feels oppressed. The nasw Code of Ethics is a guideline for social workers. Therefore, rationality is important only if it is concretized.