Essay on save energy in hindi

essay on save energy in hindi

Thus the soil is heavily polluted day-by-day by hazardous materials and micro-organisms, which enter the food chain or water and are consequently ingested by man. And those living near smelters and refineries often face increased cancer risks because of the toxic substances spewing from smoke-stacks. Or, take your tennis shoes to work and use your lunch break to walk with a friend. Military OneSource provides automatic translation into multiple languages, courtesy of Google Translate. Biological pollutants mostly essay on save energy in hindi include allergens that can cause asthma, hay fever, and other allergic diseases. Whenever we encounter the term pollution now, we mean environmental pollution. Then the government took some interest in this neglected area by taking measures to check water pollution. In rivers and lakes though, there is usually no way for the waste to find its way out of the water.

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Those bacteria which are transmitted from air to soil infect man causing bacillary dysentery, cholera, typhoid and paratyphoid fever. Soil pollution usually results from the disposal of solid and semi-solid wastes from agricultural practices and from insanitary habits. Already enough damage has been done to human environment both rural and urban. Further, the dust, which can easily be seen, if the water is collected in a vessel and left standing for some time, results in the bladder and kidney problems. The all-round depletion is making this planet inhospitable and uninhabitable. Acid rain itself cannot harm humans, but it can harm our environment and our quality of life. In order to overcome the problem, it is important to identify the sources of pollution. Today, man stands on the brink of annihilation as a result of environmental pollution. Since the beginning of time, whenever human beings changed their environment, they were greatly essay on save energy in hindi affected.

The government can take a strong view of it and penalize the offenders heavily. We cannot afford to be complacent in protecting and conserving our environment for ourselves and for the generations to come. The scientific approach for considering noise as a pollutant is by essay on save energy in hindi decibel. It has resulted in our suffering the ill effects of atmospheric pollution. The increase in pollution has resulted in global warming. Yet for the most part, responses remain inadequate to the needs. Pollution of water by the harmful chemicals is another example of the pollution. As a result, there are numerous health problems.

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The noise of ever increasing number of vehicles does not allow us to sleep even at night. In India allay the sources of water lie rivers lakes ponds and wells have been polluted and are unfit for drinking. Otherwise the earth will soon become a graveyard. Industrialization has led to urbanization. Destruction of forests has led to extinction of many rare species of wild life turned land into fallow wasteland. Water pollution is also highly harmful. The solutions to such problems are increasingly seen to involve reforms in land tenure and economic strategy, and the involvement of communities in shaping their own lives. Another important factor is the rapid industrialisation and haphazard urbanisation all over the world. To do that one has to understand the meaning of pollution and consider ways of tackling.

Environmental choices must be guided by a vision of a desirable human society and of the quality of the natural environment needed to support that vision. Man has sadly created an imbalance between himself and nature. The importance of clean environment and the detrimental effect of pollution have been realised in India as well. Acids and heavy metals falling with the rain constitute additional sources of water degradation. Air pollution in one form or another has accompanied human society from the beginning. A number of steps are to be initiated to get rid of the air pollution in cities.

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The industrial development and the Green Revolution have adversely affected the environment. Cooking over a wood/ dung cake fire often creates a smoky, unhealthy living environment. Nuclear waste contains high levels of radiation. Three fourths of the earth consists of water yet there is scarcity of potable water. Industrialization has greatly benefited mankind. Chemicals, human wastes, toxic wastes, and other kinds of pollution are beyond repair in some cases. Haphazard urbanisation makes it quite difficult to provide and maintain the required civic amenities.

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No economist alone can supply answers to the great environmental policy issues of the day. Pollution-a major environmental concern. Reckless and unplanned urbanisation, increasing pressure of the exploding population, commercial felling of the trees overgrazing and over cultivation by land starved peasants. Even heavy chlorination shows no beneficial effects and the level of pollution remains above the acceptable norms. But, unfortunately, in essay on save energy in hindi many places these limits have either been reached or have been exceeded. The emission of greenhouse gases has led to climatic changes. Nuclear wastes are the bye products of nuclear reactions in power plants. All of us should maintain our vehicles well so that only the minimum amount of fumes is emitted. Pollution causes different types of diseases. Scientific knowledge and technical innovation have vastly helped in improving the life of man, removing diseases and ignorance. Yet people can be seen washing their dirty clothes with impunity on the banks of these rivers which further contaminates the water.

Another main pollutant in this environment is the SPM. For example the pollution of air is the contamination of pure air by the harmful agents like soot, noxious fumes by vehicles and industries. Also as per the Policy Statement for Abatement of Pollution announced in February, 1992, the key elements for pollution prevention are adoption of the best available clean and practical technologies rather than end of the pipe treatment. Incinerators; suspended particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, volatile organic com-pounds, lead. Sometime back there was a major Ganges- cleaning Operation, and it yielded tones of rubbish. Applying sensible pollution control faces inherent political and analytical difficulties. It has enabled man to harness the forces of nature, conquer distances and bring about a revolution in the methods of industrial and agricultural production. It has given rise to overcrowding, slums, juvenile delinquency, inadequate civic amenities, addiction to drugs and alcohol and crime. These gases can severely affect the health of the population and should be dealt now as it is still in its primitive stage.

The first and most important cause of pollution is the growing population. To some degree their causes are also international. It is predicted that the temperature of the earth might increase most.5.5 degree Celsius by the year 2050. The costs of required controls are tangible and easily figured, but no ready means exist for totalling the benefits of pollution reduction. Nowadays, children are leading the environmental essay on save energy in hindi revolution. Industries release a large quantity of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere.

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Public education and awareness of the relationship between climate change and human health is a key to deal with these problems more effectively. In 1985, a hole in the ozone layer was discovered over Antarctica. Pollution causes imbalance in the environment. Generation of power; suspended particulate matter, essay on save energy in hindi sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, sulphur trioxide, lead. Wherever possible, trees and plants should be planted this will convert the carbon di- oxide in the atmosphere in to life-giving oxygen. A regular cleaning operation of the river should be undertaken. Air pollution is a chief environmental health problem. One of the worst agents of air pollution is the smoke being belched out by the chimneys of the factories and the motorcars, buses, etc. Nearly 35 percent of India total land area is subjected to serious environmental pollution. If the costs were distributed fairly through society, the antipollution struggle would place no serious burden on anyone. India ranks a low 125 out of 132 countries in the Environmental performance Index 2012. They offer neither pure, safe drinking water, nor a healthy, fresh air to breathe. No objective means exist for ascribing value to all the costs of uncontrolled pollution, or to the benefits of reducing.

In addition, they are often not fitted with a chimney for the exhaustion of pollutant gases. Through their way of life and the behaviour of their multinational corporations, citizens of the North can affect environmental conditions in the South. In addition to the toxic effects of the industrial poisons, which the water contains, cysts and worms have become a chronic problem with many a city dweller. Biologists know where to draw boundaries for nature reserves, but cannot keep landless peasants from invading them to grow food or cut fuelwood. How does one evaluate the spiritual loss of the residents of Tokyo whose sight of Mount Fuji is obscured by smog? It is indeed an irony that today man, especially in urban areas spends many sleepless nights because of careless use of the very devices which were designed to make mans life comfortable. But they have not helped in creating an environment which could be favorable to lifes full growth. Serious degradation and depletion have been caused due to the overuse, misuse and mismanagement of resources to meet the human greed. Consequently the ice caps and glaciers would begin to melt into the sea and raise the sea level, lapping further over the land margins and perhaps encroaching open low-lying cities such as Bankok and Venice. If you want Google to translate the Military OneSource Member Connect website, select a language after clicking Accept, and then the Google icon. Air pollution causes allergies asthma lung cancer and bronchitis. Rising concern about the physical discomfort and reduced visibility caused by pollution, and rising evidence of the damage being wreaked on crops and materials, joined health considerations to spur enactment of new anti pollution laws. These fires can either be forest fires, oil well fires, burning of leaves in the backyard or as in the case of rural areas, large-scale burning of agricultural waste.

People have converted the life supporting system of the entire living world into their own resources and have vastly disturbed the natural ecological balance. Recent studies have confirmed that the earths surface is getting warmer. Corporations do not care about the planet; they are willing to trade off small environmental risks for jobs and success in individual communities. Soviet geophysicists have unravelled the dense sulphate cloud which shrouds the planet Venus and they have said that it is a warning to the mankind against uncontrolled pollution of the atmosphere. These particles when breathed in, lodge in our lung tissues and cause lung damage and respiratory problems. These include wood, charcoal, agricultural residue, and animal waste.

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However, more concrete measures need to be taken to check the growing menace. The problems are rooted in the society and the economy-and in the end in the political structure, both national and international. The processes of life involve many chemical reactions, and the rate of these chemical reactions vary according to the changes in temperature. Chronic exposure to radiation leads essay on save energy in hindi to leukemia in an individual and affects even an unborn child. Dickens and Engels wrote eloquently of the wretched conditions spawned by the Industrial Revolution. The affected industries have a strong vested interest in opposing the required investments, while no single group has an immediate material interest of comparable magnitude in imposing controls. The fact that should be noted is that a pollutant released indoors is many times more likely to reach the lung than that released outdoors. Perhaps the most dramatic intellectual shifts are occurring in the Third World, where understanding of the ecological under spinning of human life-largely lost in the post-war dreams of industrialisation is on the rise.

All our important cities have been found to be the worst polluted cities in the world. Global warming is an average increase in the Earth temperature due to greenhouse effect as a result of both natural and essay on save energy in hindi human activity. Appreciation of the material and spiritual importance of a healthy natural environment has spread. Cigarette smoking, is injurious to health, the No Smoking Day and various others slogans, speeches and write-ups against smoking hardly have any adverse impact on Indian cigarette industries. The very Instruments which were supposed to help man have created many problems. 05 Pollution will Kill Humanity Pollution is probably the most important problem in the world_ today. In order to check water pollution sewage and the factory waste should be planted everywhere and vehicles should be made eco friendly. Jane Powell Meditations for Women, todays Affirmation: I take care of myself because I deserve. Environmental pollution is a serious problem of the industrialized societies.

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It has also been associated with Increase in respiratory disorders such as asthma. Unlike most of the other problems in the world, such as aids, pollution is a human creation. You deserve to take care of yourself. The new interest in environmental quality complements recent shifts in thought among development theorists, many of whom now stress the need to address the basic needs of the poor directly rather than hope that the benefits of growth will trickle down to them. Exposure to ozone gas cause itching and burning sensation of eyes. Today, the very things which had been designed to make mans life comfortable are having a disastrous effect on his physical and mental well being due to pollution.

essay on save energy in hindi

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This report is produced by the researchers of Yale and Columbia University in association with the World Economic Forum. The accumulation to these compounds in our atmosphere leads to irreversible consequences excess heating of the air and climatic changes all over the world. There is a very safe way to dispose of nuclear waste, but it has been proven in the past that many of these techniques can be harmful to human beings if they are not properly completed. This is why our cities are filled with pale, anemic looking adults and children, for the blood deprived of the life-giving oxygen, absorbs the toxic gases present in the atmosphere. The soil gets heavily polluted by hazardous materials essay on save energy in hindi and micro organisms, which enter the food chain or water and create numerous health problems. The main reason for the rise in temperature has been industrialization. The government has set up a Department of Environment in 1980 and enacted a new law the environment Protection Act (1986) to serve as a focal point tor planning, promotion and coordination of environment protection programmes. Air pollution is another example of how the growth of modem industry and means transport have played havoc with mans environment. What is the price of a shortened human life?

06 Pollution Science and technology have enriched mans life, but they have polluted mans environment to the point of essay on save energy in hindi posing a threat to mans very survival. Strong evidence indicates that prevailing levels of air pollution contribute to the development of chronic respiratory diseases (emphysema, asthma, and chronic bronchitis) besides short-term respiratory afflictions as well. It is a crime against humanity to clear new projects which require deforestation for construction of large dams, to build up thermo nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The ice caps in the polar regions have begun to melt fast. This is acceptable within certain limits, given the capacity of air, water and land to absorb, dilute, carry away and otherwise render pollutants harmless. It takes place through changes in energy patterns, radiation levels, chemical and physical constitutions, and abundance of organisms. The stove is generally situated at the floor level, enhancing the risk of incidents. In contrast, modern technology causes materials to be removed from the limited geological deposits or from living systems to be eventually discharged as wastes. It has been found that the earth is surrounded by sulphate clouds which has led to irreversible atmospheric changes all over the world. It lowers the resistance to colds and pneumonia. It is almost impossible to completely get rid of this noise pollution, yet proper legislation and public cooperation can greatly he in reducing. Apart from biochemical reactions, temperature is considered vitally important to physiology and in controlling reproductive cycles, digestion rates and respiration rates.

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Start by walking up the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Still, all the education in the world cannot counter the pressure that big business is putting on the globe. It has led to urbanization But the haphazard growth of modern cities, industrial centres, migration of rural population to the cities in search of work has created an unhealthy environment. One of the greatest problems confronting the modern civilized world is pollution, which literally means fouling the natural habitat and environment Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution are some of the many types of pollution. If there are frequent checks, they are sure to yield positive results.

Towns and cities are full of smoke,fumes dirt dust rubbish gases foul smell and noise. The major source of pollution in the cities is the heavy traffic on the roads. A ll the nations of the world should work united to control environmental pollution. People are gradually losing even the freedom to breathe safely. Despite the successes registered against smoke, the pollution of city air by other products of coal combustion (above all, Sulphur dioxide) and by nitrous oxides, hydrocarbons, petroleum wastes, and carbon mon oxide continues to worsen in most of the countries. Over the past 10 Year more and more holes were discovered over different n world. India is tropical country. The pollution problems cannot be isolated from questions of economic progress, political stability, social awareness, migration and international aid.