A visit to a hospital essay

a visit to a hospital essay

I felt the need to have far better facilities and more doctors in our hospitals. I asked a Nurse why the room air conditioned? Some were reading newspapers while others were gossiping, perhaps about their hopeless condition and the terrorist acts in different parts of their dear country. A ward is generally silent place. I returned home in a contemplative but satisfied mood. Half a dozen Medical complexes offer specialized services through the specialists. The more the medical science has developed, the more the number of diseases has increased. Two or three heart attacks may kill a man.

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The in charge of the ward was an English lady. Vital organs of some of them had been partially or completely destroyed. A, visit to a, hospital, essay 400 Words, life is full of pains and sufferings. Departments of the hospitals are really of great help to people with low income. In a sprawling city like Karachi, The nnot provide free medical facilities. The plight of the patients and the curiousness of the atmosphere prevailing there touched me deep within. Within minutes the ambulance arrived and it took my grandpa to the. We will write a custom essay on, visit, to A, hospital specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now. The ward boy opened. The doctors and nurses readily examined patients with serious injuries.

Doctors and nurses were running up and down. Essay, topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The Administrator of the. Department there was a long queue of persons, mostly middle- class and poor persons. Tariq was smart and well-informed man. Image Source: t, a number of people were coming in and going out. He was in the ICU for four days. We passed by the emergency wards. We saw an accident victims operation on the.V. The chap was son of rich parents and educated. Various Nurses and Doctors were attending on them.

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Either their diseases were too well-trenched and they had reached the hospital too late or they were too old to stand even the best treatment. But, I felt somewhat relieved on this small good act. There were one or two wards by the side of the toilet. A hospital is not much of a place worth- visiting. It so happened with me last week. He was under a visit to a hospital essay constant supervision. It was a big toilet with many urinals. Inter-science and Arts students visited the hospital in the morning hours. Tariq inchange of the computer section, kept a calculator type instrument.

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I also donated blood for them. Yet, the staff of the hospital. To be healthy is a great blessing of God. Khan was attached to an other group. I requested for an ambulance to the Muir Hospital authorities to take my grandpa to the hospital immediately. Some of the women were holding babies on a visit to a hospital essay their shoulders. They could not spend enough time on each patient. They acted most wisely and ably in handling problems of the patients. From their faces, I guessed the pathetic pledge. After visiting various testing centres, I visited the operation theatre on the 1st floor.

Introduction: A visit to a hospital in a whole lot of experience in itself. He was asked to bring his. Some of them were crying in pain. Intolerably bad smell came out. The Doctor was directing the nurse to give the necessary treatment and medicine. There was an emergency ward where persons who were involved in accidents were admitted for a visit to a hospital essay immediate treatment.

Quietness was prevailing in the whole ward. He had been suffering from some infection. Was working hard to satisfy the patients. I just peeped. There were ten others who a visit to a hospital essay were in a critical condition. During this summer, one of my Grandfathers was admitted to a hospital due to his illness. When I went to see him, I went to the hospital for the very first time in my life. She said So that the patients infection doesnt spread to anyone,.e. They got the treatment after a great deal of waiting.

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Some of the patients had their arms and legs bandaged and plastered. First I saw a temple on the right side of the entrance, on the left side a outpatient pharmacy. It was huge and the room was fully air conditioned. I talked to two of them. He made inquiries about patients and gave instructions. It is a private hospital run by some capitalist.

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But it was pity that some doctors and nurses were greedy and careless. 368 words essay on, a Visit to a visit to a hospital essay a Hospital (free to read). The surroundings of the wards were unclean. The grilled gate was locked. They were often sad and gloomy. For the first time I saw a CT scan machine. He was admitted in the General ward. The private doctors could not treat him properly. The nurses tried their best to dress the wounds, but they were rather too few to attend to all the patients satisfactorily. Soon one of the patients expired. It is a well-managed institution.

We passed through the indoor medical and surgical wards. There were many wards where patients with various kinds of illnesses were lying in bed. There was a ward to look after patients who suffered from diabetes. It was rather an informal visit. A, visit to a, hospital, essay 400 Words, hospitals are places where we fight diseases in comfort. Soon a loud noise was heard outside.

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They examined the new cases and looked over the papers and reports of the old ones. There was a general ward. I a visit to a hospital essay looked around and really found a lot of dirt and dust. The hospital is housed in a three-storied building. He was all praise for the doctors, nurses and ward boys for their conscientious and amiable treatment. The ground floor is reserved for the specialists (doctors) who sit during specified hours. The head of the of the doctors visited in the morning.

He entered my Grandfather room for checking. I had to admit my grandfather to hospital as he suddenly suffered from a heart attack. I met a few friends, who were studying in a medical college, attached to the general hospital. Conclusion: As a whole, the entire hospital presents a visit to a hospital essay a very gloomy look when I left the hospital. The other numbering about fifty, are private hospitals. He investigated what was the condition of my Grandfather and informed to take investigations like Blood, Urine, CT scan (abdomen) and endoscopy investigations. There were many departments under the control of many doctors.

We can have medical societies in different parts of the country for the uplift and betterment of public and government hospitals. A visit tospital, those who do not take care about their health, they suffered from diseases and have to admit in hospital. There was an orthopedic department. The suffering of humanity in the wards moved. THE view OF investigation room: Then, I spoke with the nurse to show the investigation department to know what was the procedure to take place during the alone investigations. The rich should co-operate with the government in providing these. Separate sections were used for females and males.

Then I entered the hospital right side was the enquiry office and left side was the information office. Enquiry: As I entered the hospital, I saw people going here and there. Shahnaz, she arranged a visit to Hanif, hospital in North Nazimabad. We were accompanied by some Lecturers and English Sir. The doctors warned me that he should be protected from getting another heart attack which might be severe. They had to stand on their toes to look after the patients. I went round the hospital. The money so collected can be spent on streamlining (modernizing and improving) our hospitals. In the next ward patients were lying pensively on their beds. At noon I returned to the college. I had to admit my grandfather to hospital as he suddenly suffered from a heart attack. I requested for an ambulance to the Muir. Hospital authorities to take my grandpa to the hospital immediately.