Essay on plastic world in hindi

essay on plastic world in hindi

Easy availability-, almost all consumer goods are sold in a plastic bag, wrapper, lining or covering and the plastic packaging is then disposed along with the regular trash. But sadly today it has become the enemy of mother nature. Plastic waste is entering the water bodies such as rivers, seas and even oceans and is polluting our water drastically. This has become a cause of global concern. Long Essay on Plastic Pollution Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction Plastic pollution is increasing by the day. Plastic pollution is caused due to the accumulation of the waste plastic material in the environment.

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Effects of Plastic Pollution, here is how plastic pollution is effecting our environment and life on earth: Pollutes Water. It remains in the environment for hundreds of years and causes air, water and land pollution. We need to act responsibly and do our bit to bring down the plastic pollution. Effects of plastic pollution, plastic pollution not only causes drastic harmful effects on its own but also aids the air and water pollution. Fishing Net, one of the major threats to the eco system is from the abandoned plastic fishing nets. Researchers claim the number of deaths and illnesses caused due to plastic pollution will increase in the coming years.

In fact, the government alone cannot do anything. Even a small fragment of plastic has the durability to essay on plastic world in hindi stay on earth for a thousand years. They are also a cause of many serious illnesses. Conclusion It is a big challenge to dispose of plastic and the increasing amount of plastic waste is leading to plastic pollution. Try the variations in your sound to deliver your speech.

Plastic waste is also polluting the rivers that are a source of drinking water for. The increasing use of plastic bags, utensils and furniture, the amount of plastic waste has also gone up and so has the plastic pollution. Then Rate it Now! Plastic is convenient to use and costs less. These fossil fuels are non-renewable and hard to extract. Purchase Bulk Grocery It is a good idea to purchase bigger packages of the grocery items rather than going for several small packets. We should reuse these instead.

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Small fragments of plastics trash become food for marine animals like whales, sea lions, and zooplankton. This should help people understand the seriousness of the issue and how their contribution can make a difference. These dumped plastic bags are a source of diseases like cholera, malaria etc as they aid in the breeding of mosquitoes, flies and other carriers of diseases. Plastic find its way into the water bodies and soil resulting into an imbalanced eco system. At times, they gulp the entire plastic bag by mistake.

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But today the mans greed has pushed the limit. The increasing use of plastic goods has increased the plastic waste which is a cause of plastic pollution. Essay on Beat Plastic Pollution Essay 2 (300 words). The quality of drinking water is getting worse day by day due to plastic pollution and this is resulting in various water borne diseases. It is time we must take essay on plastic world in hindi strict measures to fight. To facilitate the collection and recycle of plastic waste, through proper channels and organized system. This is because burning plastic produces harmful gases that are dangerous for the environment and life on earth. This gets stuck in their intestines and suffocates them to death. And that is what makes us turn a blind eye towards its harmful effects on our environment. Use good use of hand gestures and body language.

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Also the burning of such waste release gases like Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide apart from the releasing heavy metals and toxic chemical such as dioxin. It is very important to segregate plastic waste (house hold items or medical supplies) from other garbage so that it reaches to the waste disposal facility rather than going to the landfills or water bodies. 1) Effect on the Environment. This is the reason why people are more inclined towards purchasing various products made of plastic. Likewise, instead of using disposable plastic cutlery and utensils during parties we can use those made of steel, paper, thermocol or any other material which is reusable or easy to dispose. Pollutes Land, large amount of plastic waste is dumped in landfills.

Some of the solutions to curb down the problem of plastic pollution that we face today are given below. All they need to do is to gather these and throw them away. There have been disturbing videos going viral, of dolphins and ducks getting their necks caught in the six-ring plastic can holder disposed of in water by fishermen. Green cutlery and plates, there are several options available now in the market to replace that plastic spoon or that plastic plate. Similarly the problem of plastic pollution also has solutions, but it only needs a determined approach to make our planet clean, healthy and plastic free. Proper Disposal, plastic waste should be disposed in a proper way so that it can be recycled or incinerated as per the need. Care must be taken to not burn plastic waste as it releases very toxic gases into the atmosphere. These markings can be categorized as #1 (PET) for beverage bottles, #2 (hdpe) for heavy plastic bottles like those of milk, juices and detergents, #5 (PP) for plastic cutlery, yogurt tubs, coffee cups etc. People who go for picnics and camping also litter plastic bottles and packets of chips that add to plastic pollution.