Essay on female serial killers

essay on female serial killers

He also carried a psychological sub theory proved by each of his victims having shoulder length brown hair parted down the middle. Gary Ridgway began his killing spree in January of 1982 with 16 year old victim Leann Wilcox. Jack the Ripper was the first known and reported serial killer. Not only did Jack the Ripper kill multiple women but he mutilated their bodies almost to the point of an unrecognizable state. He never knew his father and was forced to live with his strict Methodist grandparents pretending that his mother, Louise Cowell, was in fact his sister. Female serial killers are just as despicable as their male counterparts, and society has a little trouble coming to grips with that, especially when it involves the most nurturing of female roles - nurses. Women are quite capable of being a victim, just as men are, though we seem to show little pity towards male victims.

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By eating their victims remains they felt as if they would forever be attached to them. Still, while we may not, off the top of our head, be able to list as many female serial killers as we can male ones, it is but a myth that female serial killers are far and few between. So who do these serial killers and mass murderers take after, who are their role models? His first two victims were not recognized as Green River Killer victims until two years after their deaths due to lack of patterns tying these murders and the Green River Killers later murders together. This proves both Dahmer and Fish had sub theories of psychological and biological problems that led each of their killings. He described his grandfather Sam as a loving man who in reality was a bitter racist and wife beater, who also enjoyed kicking dogs and swinging cats through the air by their tails (Newton, 24). Whether they should be called serial killers is open to debate.

Even after Manson was jailed for these numerous crimes the violent essay on female serial killers murders did not stop. Lydia Trueblood of Pocatello, Iowa, poisoned an offspring, five husbands and an in-law earlier in the 20th Century. While they show signs of mental instability or social repression, we abhor their crimes, and their methods because there was no rhyme or reason, outside of the serial killer's own mind. 3 / 788 klamath falls water crisis Serial Killers We can all agree that serial killers are unpredictable scary people but when it comes to why they kill, everyone has a different view. Although this may not prevent all murders from occurring it may help keep the number of victims to a minimum. Custom essays: Order plagiarism free custom written essay, all essays are written from scratch by professional writers according to your instructions and delivered to your email on time. All of Ridgways victims had one thing in common; they were all thought to be prostitutes. She also adopted more children in order to repeat the process of collecting the insurance and got away with doing so for eight years. Jeffery Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Monster, was also a serial killer who had cannibalistic tendencies. Even the popular film "Copy Cat" highlighted a cavalcade of notorious serial killers, and all of them were male. Our society can prevent another psychopath serial killer like Fish from victimizing children across the nation by using better analysis of criminals childhoods and keeping better records of where criminals known to molest children are located. He was discharged after 2 years due to heavy drinking and returned home to live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. "Women have been murdering serially for as long as men, though their victims are usually family members or acquaintances, and they most often choose poison over other means of disposal MacLeod, Chapter 1).

But do we consider this because they are male and therefore should be able to handle these pressures of life? Her lover at the time was only able to identify her remains by her eye color and hair color. Your research paper is written by certified writers Your requirements and targets are always met You are able to control the progress of your writing assigment You get a chance to become an excellent student! Ridgway continued to kill with victims multiplying by the week. Albert ate Gaffneys ears, nose, and face in a stew and roasted his butt and genitals in the oven before consuming those too. Although not always fully show more content, female serial killers almost always have a strong motive driving them to commit these horrible crimes and coincidentally they are often similar. Generally, female multiple murderers do not kill for the same sexual motives associated that male serial killers. Ted Bundy was born in November 1946 at a house for unwed mothers in Vermont. It's as if there is a part of society that refuses to believe that women are just as capable of mass murder as some of the more horrific murderers of our time. Essays, Papers: Title: female, serial, killers, essay, details, subject: Social Issues, author: Date: January 25, 2005. Americas) Fish is an example of trait theory with sub theories of biological and psychological problems. Another murder case in which the primary motive happened to be money was the Olga Rutter Schmidt and Helen Golay case. These followers grew into what Manson called his family and traveled essay on female serial killers up and down California gaining more followers along the way topping off at 50 followers at their peak.

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3 / 815 female serial killers Rudyard Kipling once said that the female of the species is far more deadly than the male. For all the recent scholarly and popular interest in murderous women, historical and contemporary evidence confirms that when women are involved in killings, they are far more likely to be victims than perpetrators" (Strange). Some say that the Zodiac Killer is the perfect serial killer because his letters were written in a cryptic cipher. "The Gilbert killings are some of at least 35 other serial murders committed by healthcare personnel (mainly nurses, but also including a respiratory therapist and several physicians) since the mid- 1970s" (Pyrek). Sure authorities may have been able to lessen the magnitude of these horrific crimes, but inevitably it is within ones own desire to become a criminal or become a model citizen of society. Many misunderstand the true meaning of the term serial killer and confuse it with those of mass murderers and spree killers. 3 / 718 Making Monsters into Celebrities Every famous person has an idol who they try to imitate, no matter what path they choose to reach celebrity status. During this time period it would have been difficult to stop a psychopath on a rampage to mutilate any prostitute they ran across due to the lack of privacy, security on ones home, and lack of technology to gain significant evidence against the murderer. On top of her preposterous accounts of having slept with over 250,000 men, and the bizarre behavior in the courtroom, Wuornos was adopted by a woman, Arlene Pralle, during her trial who contacted Wuornos because "Jesus told me to write. Total price:.00 Common topics in this essay : serial killers Causes of Serial Killers Serial Killers - Serial Killers Serial Killers Serial Killers serial killers serial killers Serial Killers in the.S serial killers serial killers Where do Serial Killers Come From? When no one adopted him, he was placed in an orphanage where he witnessed and endured many beatings.

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Nevertheless, society personifies the serial killer as being a male, save, perhaps for one or two notorious female serial killers that are still relatively new compared to Bathory and the Black Widow gang. The psychological problem within Manson is proved by his desire to manipulate young, out of touch males and females into thinking he is a God-like figure and do everything he says. If one accepts a frequently proposed definition that requires sexual motivation and a murderous quest for power over another individual as the definition of the term serial. Neither one showed any signs of remorse throughout their killings or contacts with the media proving that killing to them, was just a game. It is also apparent that the Zodiac Killer had a psychological problem by his desire to involve the media and lead police directly to his victims through phone calls and letters without a trace of evidence and or remorse. The Green River Killer always did one thing the same in each of his murders; before he killed each victim he had sex with them. These may include: occupation, sex, age, appearance, and race for the victim and molestation, rape, strangulation, shooting, decapitation, and many more gruesome acts most cannot even begin to imagine.

He defined this song to be speaking about a race war to come in America and used these terms at his families future crime scenes. Dahmer was shocked with himself after this happened and tried college for a short time before entering the military on a 6 year enlistment. He wound up living on the streets having numerous bouts with the law being in and out of juvenile centers being abused by both guards and older boys at each center. Her husband however, treated Manson as if he were a sissy dressing him up in girl clothes on the first day of school to show him to act more like a man. We almost never consider that women are also capable of committing these vile misdeeds as well. Americas) He chose his victims by meeting men at gay bars and bringing them home merely to kill, dismember, cook and eat them. Even if what he said meant killing innocent victims. Some of the names may be Charles Manson, Albert Fish, or even Ted Bundy. "One of the more chilling cases was that of Kristen Gilbert, a 30-year-old nurse indicted in 1998 for murdering four of her patients and attempting to kill three others by injecting them with epinephrine" (Pyrek, pg1). Many people commented on the quiet and handsome nature of the Nightstalker, while others have said that Dahmer was also a handsome and funny man.

It was after he was charged with these murders and punished to death by the electric chair that he confessed to up to 40 murders. The first letter began, I like killing people because it is just so much fun. Before we get into detail about the fascinating phenomenon of the Black Widow, it is worth a brief overview of women's escalating role in the world of violent crime, particularly in the United States. 'Acting alone' killers are often mature, careful, deliberate, socially adept, and highly organized. Crimes coming from essay on female serial killers some of these men are often expected. He did not necessarily have a motive he was said to kill, just to kill.

Level: Grade: Length: 3 / 788, no of views: 0, essay rating: good 0, average 0, bad 0 (total score: 0 essay text: They, further, construct a nine-point categorization method based around 'acting alone'. Organized nonsocial offenders often methodically plan out each and every offense meticulously prior to actually carrying out their crime. Ted Bundy was intellectual and able to seduce an estimated 40 women to their deaths. Diana Lumbrera, between 19, smothered her six children to death, one at a time, including a three-month-old daughter. Despite being ignored by society, female serial killers are some of the most brutal and most precise killers. Learning theorists view a troubled home life and deviant friends as a precursor of criminality; structural theorists maintain that acquiring deviant cultural values leads to criminality (Siegel, 258). (Newton, 254) By the end of the Zodiacs killing rampage he has an estimated 40 victims with 39 of them being female. Excerpt from Term Paper : Female, serial, killers, the notion of female serial killers often appears as the minority of cases in the history of serial murder and serial killers. In 1934, he wrote a letter to the Budd family stating that Grace had, died a virgin and it had taken him nine days to eat her remains.

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Charles Manson was born in 1934 to 16 year old prostitute Kathleen Maddox and took the name Manson from a man she later married. There is no evidence as to his past family life to prove that he could also carry a biological sub theory but the way in which he killed each of his 48 victims proves that his desire to kill was based upon sexual desires. In the case of the Liverpool Black Widows, these women chose a passive. In a place where we expect to find medical comfort and respite from our ailments, serial killers abound - and not all of them are male doctors or nurses. They both grew up in unfit homes proving their sub theories of biological problems but different from Ridgway, Bundy also carried the sub theory of psychological due to his choice of victims being mirror images of his ex girlfriend. Our society could prevent another Dahmer-like serial killer from presenting themselves by making records of child molestations more public and getting children who have been molested proper counseling and treatment post attack. Both Bundy and Ridgway killed females and had sex with them before they murdered them. He was a nonsocial offender who simply attacked his victims as he found them rather than premeditating each attack.

The way this killer showed no remorse to the brutal mutilation of these women proved in fact to be a psychological problem. Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer both killed at random without previously planning any one specific murder. Rumor has it that on Fishs execution day, January 16, 1936, he shorted out the electric chair because of the amount of metal inserted into his abdomen and groin. The way in which each serial killer was raised proves that this had a large affect on the people and serial killers they became. His parents separated and neither of them felt the need to take Dahmer with them so Dahmer fell under the supervision of his grandmother. 3 / 664 Serial Killers Why do serial killers kill? They rarely cover their tracks but somehow seem to get away unnoticed. Nevertheless, women are still perceived as the gentler; more nurturing of the sexes, which may account for the difficulty we have in not only comprehending female serial killers but also recognizing them. The fascinating thing about women is that they often tend to not possess the common characteristics of a serial killer that a male tends to show earlier on in life. However, a serial killer has much different tactics than those of mass murderers and spree killers. His killings continued one by one with each victim looking eerily similar to an ex girlfriend of his who had shoulder length brown hair, parted down the middle who had broken up with him for having no ambitions in life and being immature. Showed next 250 characters, if you cannot find any suitable paper on our site, which happens very rarely, you can always order essay on female serial killers custom written paper which will be written from scratch by our professional writers and deliver to you on requested time. Since 1970, there has been an increasing and alarming rise 138 percent of violent crimes committed by women.

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They usually attack victims in their home or place of work. With each victim he first raped them then proceeded to murder them with savage blows to the head. Newton) Gary Ridgway carries the trait theory with a psychological sub theory. Donald Lund, a psychiatrist, concludes; that there are two broad-based categories; one termed as paranoid schizophrenia and the as sexual sadism. She was discovered at 3:40. He went to the extreme as to insert needles under his nails and into his genitals to feel the rush of pain. Rather it has been slightly ignored, maybe as a security blanket in protecting the social collective from believing that "women who kill find extreme solutions to problems that thousands of women cope with in more peaceable ways from day-to-day" (Strange, 1999). We tend to show more empathy in these situations, which may account for our perception of female serial killers. If a female serial killer is acknowledged by a community the people in that community tend to believe that because she is a woman, therefore the weaker sex, she was somehow pressured or victimized by her lover to kill. While Manson may not have committed any of the murders himself, it is known he was at some of the crime scenes and behind all of the murders through his cult-like leadership. Her belligerence all but sealed her fate from the moment she was apprehended, and inspired contempt in most whom encountered her or heard of her case." (Macleod). Again, in this situation we do not know the identity or youth life of the Zodiac Killer therefore we are unable to determine if this possibly could be a biological sub theory. Here we have the scenario of a healthcare worker breaching the unspoken trust between a nurse and patient, and to boot, is a woman we may otherwise feel comforted by and look to in times of emergency.