Plastic surgery is wrong essay

plastic surgery is wrong essay

Also, wealthy people have the resources to fund as many cosmetic surgery operations as possible. What is natural is almost always better than the artificial, and deep inside you will know that the way you used to look before the surgery was better. Therefore, it may carry out a successful career in their life. It is for this reason that some clients request for revisions after realizing that their reconstructed body part is not what they actually expected or that people are not giving the expected compliments, hence they demand the old or previous body organ. According to Pruzinsky, Edgerton, ( 223) has stated the nature and degree of surgical change is an important predictor outcome more extensive procedures are more likely to result in serious body image disturbance than " restorative" procedures. Plastic surgery not only benefits a persons outer appearance, it also benefits emotionally. Song, and Song (174) double eyelid surgery in the Chinese population is a desirable physical feature, which is more popular and demands up-to-date aesthetic operations for its formation.

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Its not a problem to pay someone to write your college essay if you really need them. Janice Dickinson, Michael Jackson, Courtney Love, and other famous personalities who had undergone plastic surgeries can also be good examples of why this kind of surgery should be abstained from. Therefore, sometimes, severe blood loss is imminent and this can cause dire repercussions. Factors identified are being young, suffering from depression or anxiety, and having a personality disorder. For example, there are many women suffers from chronic back pain solved by breast reduction. However, with rapid development of technology, plastic surgery technique has become more effective and reliable. Sometimes, pain may last for more than six months. The Top 5 Reasons You Should NOT Have Plastic Surgery.

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A womans behind can be enlarged or reduced as per her desire, a nose can be straightened and lifted, and by the time one walks out of the surgery room, they are perfect. Reconstructive surgery does not concentrate on the aesthetic appearance of a person. Although a person might think they would do a single improvement, the temptation to keep adjusting ones appearance can become overwhelming and lead to unpredictable and often sad results. While some women are endowed with beautiful curvatures, hips to die for, and a perfect face, nose, eyes, and lips, many more women feel discontented about their physical appearance. Furthermore, the desire to change ones appearance can be quite addictive. If a person is obese, they should consider changing their diet and lifestyle rather than doing a liposuction. Although there are a number of advantages with regard to plastic surgery, there are also a number of disadvantages. Changing and improving ones appearance can become addictive, so a person might feel a constant desire to undergo surgeries; also, this desire is usually caused by issues with well-being, which a psychologist could help out with better than a surgeon. This procedure was first designed for those who have no pigment ( such as oscular albrinism or partical coloboma ( congenital irregular pigmentations or the effects from deposits from medications, or trauma from injury or eye disease. However, it is necessary to distinguish between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Men are attracted to beautiful ladies, and ladies too, want a perfect, handsome man. Eye-fold surgery is now the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure among Asian women ; in an attempt to make themselves look more western like the actresses they see on television.

Reconstructive surgery is plastic surgery carried out to improve a certain function. There is also a serious psychological disorder called dysmorphophobiathe major symptom is being severely unsatisfied with ones appearance, body parts, or body as a whole. In conclusion, people need to embrace their appearance. The majorities of people still have faith in plastic surgery and change their lives. Excerpt from Research Paper : Cosmetic surgeries still focused on reconstructive procedures, such as repairing cleft palates, skin grafts mastectomies and reconstructed noses and ears. A single surgery procedure ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Liquid silicone is injected to keep a deep anterior chamber. The concepts of youthfulness and aging are but illusions and need to be embraced. Pain is another con with plastic surgery. The foremost reason for not getting plastic surgery is that this procedure can become highly addictive (Huffington Post). Plastic surgery in its cosmetic aspect should be abstained from. It enhances ones level of confidence and sense of vitality, which boosts self-esteem. Blood loss is another problem associated with plastic surgery. Welcome to the club!

In addition, a man who has been obese all his plastic surgery is wrong essay life can take part in various physical activities because of fat reduction through cosmetic surgery. While the results in many patients have been satisfactory, there are others with questionable results. Secondly, plastic surgeries will improve health conditions. In order to have this procedure in Panama, you have to stay for one week to attend your post op appointment. This paper argues that while plastic surgery is giving people a chance to attain the look they so much desire, its drawbacks are numerous hence it is not a worthwhile solution. Alberto Kahn invented the ocular implants that can surgically change your eye color. A different, more precise route has however emerged over the past few decades: plastic surgery.

It can result in nerve damage. Psychological Aspect of Cosmetic, surgery, cosmetic surgery plastic surgery is wrong essay is a risky business, and there are many psychological unsatisfactories that come with cosmetic surgery.Psychosocial issues permeate the field of cosmetic surgery ( Grossbart, Sarwer, 138 ). Why You Should Say NO to Plastic Surgery Botox. In conclusion, I strongly agree to someone change their appearance through plastic surgery because plastic surgery builds confidence or increase self-esteem and improve health condition. We will write a custom essay on, plastic surgery specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, furthermore, it is easier for them to get a particular job. He ends up with a reconstructed pair! Cosmetic surgery, in the old days, was left for the repairing of various deformities and reconstruction required during an accident. This is a common procedure for teens in Asia, in order to prevent aging, and for the application of make-up to go on smoothly. For instance, people feel comfortable in social community and communicate with others. However, this surgery is not without risks, and there is no proof that this procedure increases the teens psychosocial well-being.