Importance of education in society essay pdf

importance of education in society essay pdf

By this definition, one might argue that being educated means that you are trained or specialized to do only one thing. Advertisements: It is the function of education to see that unfounded beliefs, illogical prejudices and unreasoned loyalties are removed from the childs mind, though the school has its own limitations in this regard, it is expected to continue. For one thing the workers who use machinery or computers need at least basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. High-income nations endorse the idea that every one go to school. Reformation of Attitudes : Education aims at the reformation of attitudes wrongly developed by children already. These theorists have identified the following major functions or survival related consequences of education in the society : Cultural Preservation and Storage, retrieval and Dissemination: In pre-modern societies and those in early phase of modernization, education serves two major survival. You see there is so much more to education than just training to be a biologist, a doctor, or a teacher. Conclusion: We need education for national progress. Perspectives ON, education, learning is a fundamental mechanism for adapting to our environment. In our culture today, there is a huge emphasis on education, especially higher education. Whereby in todays society the knowledge and skills required by contemporary living cannot be satisfied in more or less automatic natural way.

Essay on the role of education in society

Due to education society become a job oriented, reduce unemployment, increase productivity, produce goods and hard work workers get gain in every profession. Advertisements: Peter Worsley has spoken of a few more functions of education. Education helps us to open our minds to improve our selves. In large, conflict ridden, multi-ethnic society like United States, schools are to Americanize people. I do not believe you importance of education in society essay pdf can confine education to a single definition from a dictionary. But the social scientists also differentiate between education and schooling. Some of them may be noted. Every country system directly link with education.

The family may fail to provide the child the essential knowledge of importance of education in society essay pdf the social skills and values of the wider society. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Success of different fields like medicines, engineering, nuclear energy, chemists luxuries of all kinds depends on education. It should enable the student to take out his livelihood. In human history revolutions and reforms were the products of educational institutions. Both the functionalist and conflict perspectives are in agreement on the importance of education, but they differ in their conception of the part it plays in modern life. Advantages of Education: Education develops our minds. But how well the educational institutions are performing these functions is a debatable matter.

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This is also done through curriculum that is through lessons in history literature etc. With the emergence of large-scale industrial and bureaucratic organizations, came a need for an abundant supply of literate and educated people. An uneducated society cannot get success. In high-income nations, literacy is also necessary to carry on political democracy. THE functionalist perspective Schools came into existence several thousand years ago in advanced horticultural and agricultural societies to prepare a select few for leadership and professional positions. To one degree or another, political socialization takes place in the schools of virtually every modern industrial nation. From this point of view, if formal education has any so called functions, its primary function is to preserve an exploitative status quo by shaping the minds of the exploited. An education is what you learn about yourself and others around you. In some cases, these people are known as shamans, priests, or professors, or they may be doctors, mechanics, blacksmiths, or artists.

For Marx and his followers, education is an important mechanism for the reinforcement and perpetuation of social stratification system. Until the last century or so, no society could afford more than a handful of educated people. Educated people devote their work for the development of their nation. Whether intentionally or unwittingly, they impart a whole complex of unarticulated values, attitudes and behaviors-what is termed as hidden curriculum. Education makes us as perfect noble and kind as possible. Hopefully, this importance of education essay will be proven helpful in your school/college homework/assignments. The teacher admires and praises those who d well and frowns upon those who fail to do well. Cultural Expansion and Innovation: Schools create and transmit culture. Islam has stressed upon the importance of education. Conflict theorists agree with the functionalists that education draws the minorities and disadvantaged into the dominant culture.

Screening and Selecting: Educational institutions commonly perform the importance of education in society essay pdf function of screening and selecting individuals for different types of jobs. It is about finding out which you are away from home, away from your comfort zone. You can view samples of our professional work here. Education acts as integrative force in society by communicating value, that unite different sections of society. For many, schools are alike mobility escalators allowing gifted people to ascend the social ladder. Most often Indians were depicted as temporary problem encountered by the heroic white settlers in the process of fulfilling their manifest destiny of taming the frontiers and developing the continent from sea to shining sea Similarly, until the past. As a result majority of the children in Latin America, Asia and Africa can not read and write. There is close relationship among character and the achievement of the education. Education is what the person has learned, whereby schooling is defined as the amount of time spent in institution dedicated to educating and which often confers degrees and diplomas on those who complete a period of enrollment.

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Literacy has far reaching implications. Every society has specialized individuals who fulfill certain positions that require extended education. For various reasons the child may have absorbed a host of attitudes, beliefs and disbeliefs, loyalties and prejudices, jealously and hatred etc. According to some reports, there has been a virtual explosion over the past several years in the number and variety of university-industry alliances. You learn so much about yourself while you are at a college. Thus widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

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All political regimes have a vested interest in exercising control over the contents of their society s formal education process, and all will take steps to. The schools ranking system serves to prepare for a later ranking system. The characteristics preferred by teachers are those that embody middle-class values and morality-responsibility, reliability, self-control, efficiency, thoroughness and emotional stability. You also can take idea and highlight this essay major points in your assignments. Formal education involves a hidden curriculum that infuses the teachings of basic information and skills with values, norms and myths supportive of capitalism and capitalists. But the system serves the interest of the dominant group by defusing the threat posed by the minority ethnic groups. Scope of education become wide everyone get education to lead others.

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In an other place Islam says that: Get education whether you go to China. In capitalist societies, importance of education in society essay pdf the institution of education forms a societal superstructure, derived from and dependent on the underlying economic superstructure. In the class room students compete with each other for grades and other rewards. Education fosters participant democracy. They must be learned.

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Schools today perform a good many latent functions that may not be recognized or intended. Students not only learn from the official coarse of study, but from the physical environment of the school, the attitude teachers and students exhibit towards one another, the social climate and the organization of the institution. For example, until recently, most history books used in the schools of America, presented a white washed picture of westward expansion of the.S in 19th century. We have truly entered the century of the educated men and women. Today majority of the children in every society are expected to be to spend much of their first 18 years of life in school. It is Only at the under leaves of the school that any serious attempt has been, or now is, made to deal with this area.

Even in importance of education in society essay pdf traditional societies, formal education was reserved solely for the use of the nobility and other privileged classes. Due to education, We can make difference between right and wrong. The family gets the child, but the modern family tends to leave much undone in the socialisation process. Education for occupational placement : An instrument of livelihood. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! It involves more or less permanent modification in behavior that results from experience. Education is necessary for development of country or for our character. In this way, it contributes to the integration, to survive and to reproduce themselves. On the basis of achievement principles, formal educational attainment becomes an important mechanism for social placement. Their importance increases with increasing levels of development and its accompanying social, economic and political changes. For example the number and productive capacity of engineering firms are limited by the number of engineers produced by education. Apart from literacy, we commonly think of schools as agencies that provide formal, conscious, and systematic training. By doing so, it serves some people at the expense of others.

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Education play a vital role in the development progress of country. For example, medical research at medical institutions has helped increase life expectancy, just as research by sociologists and psychologists helps us take advantage of our longevity. Students are the key of achievement for every country so in respect to create or built good students a good education system is needed. Youngsters from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds are immersed within the same culture and prepared for responsible citizenship. Read More about the role of essay in todays educational system. The nations past is glorified, its legendary heroes respected, and its military ventures justified. Education has this function of cultural transmission in all societies. In the language of social sciences, education is defined as the transmission of certain attitudes, knowledge and skills to the members of a society through formal systematic training. In all these professions, some form of higher education is show more content, according to Websters dictionary, education is defined by the development and training of ones mind, character, and skills, as by instruction, study, or example and the knowledge. Millions of illiterate people live in darkness education remove this darkness.

We are able due to education to follow our religion in true manners. Throughout the world, schools are increasingly being viewed as a branch of the state and as a serving state purposes. The school system became a primary vehicle by which a nations citizens were taught the three Rs, and the higher education became the custodian of nations intellectual capital. In contemporary societies, education is an important source of attaining a future higher social and economic position. There was no need of literacy for the peasants and the serfs, who were believed to be too intellectually inferior to qualify for and benefit from the formal education. We have ability to understand our social rights and duties. . In poor countries even today, most young people receive only a few years of formal schooling. Instead, a specialized educational agency is needed to transmit to the young ways of thinking, feeling and acting required by rapidly changing urban and technologically based societies.

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