Caring is the essence of nursing essay

caring is the essence of nursing essay

The only criteria for the essay is that it must be two pages long. . This lifestyle of caring is what led me into the nursing field. From an early age I was taught to care about the needs of others. (Robert Wood Johson Foundation, 2011) Nurses have to be cognizant of complex issues that surround the delivery of quality and cost effective patient care. He should not be discriminated. Nursing: Scope and standards of practice. Mr Moses neglect of his personal hygiene was profound due to his incontinence condition. Woolhead, G, Calnan, M, Dieppe,. Personal, philosophy of, nursing, madeline. Taylor himself "associated" the encounter with the show more content 463-464). I believe that the cure for many of the people's ailments is not just in medicine, it is in the care that they receive as patients in hospitals and their homes.

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This is where I believe that I can make a great difference in people's lives by helping them recover from their ailments. JeanWatsons theory of human caring has three elements which are the Carative Factors, the Transpersonal Caring Moment and Caring Moment / Caring Occasion. Mr Moses care should be deliver in a private area, ensuring Mr Moses receive care in a dignified way that does not humiliate him: Discussion about Mr Moses condition should be discussed with him where others are unable. Gov, 1997) In order to help those who caring is the essence of nursing essay are vulnerable, the nurse must have a well-defined spiritual foundation and personal moral standards from which to draw in difficult times. She proudly wore her nursing cap. Amnesty International UK, London. The feelings that are attached to nursing are endless. Assessment can be describe as a two stage process of gathering information and drawing inferences from the available data and decisions made regarding a persons need of care. Reflection is a significant part of attaining knowledge and understanding, to reflect on experiences which could be positive or negative allowing for self criticism (Bulman and Schutz, 2004). Tadd, W (2004) Dignity in older age- what do older people in the United Kingdom thinks? It affects all age group (Godfrey and Hogg, 2002). Theory Critique Jean Watson Essay.Theory Critique: Theory of Human Caring Abigail Peerce Maryville University Caring is the essence of nursing (Chantal, 2003,.57). Environment The environment involves the surroundings of an individual including living and non living things.

NMC has made dignity clearer to understand by including dignity among caring is the essence of nursing essay its codes. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. I am mindful of the challenges faced by Mr Kee and this has increased my knowledge in clinical practice where I have observed that mental illness can impair patients ability to communication, for example dementia, schizophrenia, depression and psychosis causes cognitive. The NMC Code Of Professional Conduct: Standard of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives. In conclusion my knowledge about the concept of dignity and its importance to health care and the benefit to service users increased. Person, health, environment, and nursing have been the four central major concepts of Watsons theory and can be applied in every interpersonal human caring moment. The one characteristic that seems to be consistent through time is a nurse should be caring. Caring for Dignity: A national report on dignity in care for older people while in hospital. My definition is more basic. I also believe that it is important for the nurses to understand their own selves so that they are able to better treat their patients. Merriam Websters Online Dictionary (2012) defines philosophy as the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group. For example we should create conducive environment, listen carefully to what he is trying to say, observing his body language, using positive body language to convey warmth and reassurance, speaking slowly, using short and simple words, give Mr Kee.

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This is the aspect of nursing that I was drawn to the most. While Nightingale knew that cleanliness and. Gary was very tall, had suffered a stroke, and a total care resident who had limited use of his arms and legs, and unable to speak. As we gain experience in our particular fields, we will undoubtedly find that our perspectives are different and our feelings and goals are ever changing. One not only cares for the patients physical health, they care for all the components that makes up the patients entity. Jean Watson, a native of West Virginia, began her career in 1961 where caring is the essence of nursing essay she graduated from the Lewis Gale School of Nursing in Roanoke, Virginia. The desire to help people is my calling in life and is what steered me to become a nurse. The MDT experience has emphasised the importance of interprofessional working together as it encourages holistic care to be delivered. . This is my philosophy, and one that I hope to practice when I am a professional nurse. Jean Watson incorporated a theory- The Theory of Human Caring. To relate the Empiricism, Positivism, Historicism, and Relativism to the nature of scientific truth.

Communication is a two-way process, involving at least two people who alternate in sending and receiving messages (Ferris-Taylor, 2007). . I have learnt a lot about The Mental Capacity Act, 2005 provides guidance as to what factors should be taken into consideration when making a decision in someones best interest. Nursing and Midwifery Council ( 2008). Health There needs to be equilibrium between the physical, mental and spiritual of an individual. The World Health Organizations classification of impairment, disability and handicap relating to communication disorders are caring is the essence of nursing essay impairment which disruption the normal language-processing or speech production system.g.

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The learning gained from this experience will impact my future practice in various areas which include communication and empathy. It is estimated that 50 to 90 of people with intellectual disabilities have communication difficulties and about 60 of people with intellectual disabilities have some skills in symbolic communication using pictures, signs or symbols (Fraser Kerr, 2003). Personal Beliefs and Values Concept in Metaparadigm of Nursing Your definition Person A person being a human individual and a subjective component receiver of the offered care. The application of Driscolls reflective cycle will enable me link theory to practice. Fayol's principles thus provide the framework for the organization chart and the coordination of work (Moorehead and Griffin, 1998,. The NMC (2004 also instruct nurse to promote and protect the interest and dignity of service users irrespective of gender, age, race, ability sexuality, economic status, lifestyle, culture and religion or political beliefs. The purpose of assessment include judging and understanding levels of need, planning programmes of care and observing progress over time, planning service provision and conducting research (Gamble and Brennan, 2006). As a patient grows from an infant to elderly, we need to help them understand and cope with the changes that occur and how it affects their life. Silver Spring, Md: American Nurses Association. Privacy is closely related to respect (scie, 2006). (2008) The application of ethical reasoning in mental health nursing. (ed) Fundamental aspects of mental health nursing.

One of the ways in which people with dementia are disempowered in communication is that of being continually outpaced, having others speak, move and act more quickly that they are able to understand or match (Killick and Allan, 2001,. Each of the three theorists had a unique view on public administration and policy. This is extremely important to me because I practice nursing with the understanding that, We manage the life and death of patients every day. The nurses caring awareness becomes crucial for the connection and understanding of the persons perspective. In this reflective account essay, I will be describing nursing skills that I undertook during my practice placement, using Driscolls (2000) reflective cycle, a recognised framework for reflection to demonstrate my ability to reflect on different nursing skill. . Jean, watsons, philosophy, and Transpersonal, caring, theory. Nursing Times, 101, 38-41. The theory of caring is best defined within the nursing metaparadigm. Chris brooker, Anne Waugh (2007). My beliefs and values are not stagnate, they change with my experiences and as I age. I believe that it is important to provide a patient with the right kind of atmosphere and environment that is conducive to his/her recovery. There has been a shift from the medical model to a patient centered or family centered care model. Sick patients face many obstacles.

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The various caring is the essence of nursing essay paradigms are characterized by ontological, epistemological and methodological differences in their approaches to conceptualizing and conducting research, and in their contribution towards disciplinary knowledge construction. Nursing theory: Utilization application (4th.). I think nursing not only includes taking care of patients and helping out the doctors. The concept of dignity has to do with privacy, respect, autonomy, identity and self worth thereby making life worth living for them (scie, 2006). I was able to visit the patients as she made her rounds. Introduction, in this reflective account essay, I will be describing nursing skills that I undertook during my practice placement, using Driscolls (2000) reflective cycle, a recognised framework for reflection to demonstrate my ability to reflect on different nursing skill. . I touched his hand after the third request to stop, he just kept tapping.

caring is the essence of nursing essay

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According to Watson, caring consists of carative factors that result in the satisfaction of certain human needs. The model of caring was developed around 1970, and established with the publication of the postmodern transpersonal caring -healing paradigm, and has transformed the original caring model into one that is useful to practitioners from nursing and other disciplines to guide. I will explain how the patient perceived the care and what could be done to enhance the caring moment. Assessment is a continuous process which includes collecting information in a systematic way from a variety of sources. It is a theoretical conception that incorporates holistic care by acknowledging the philosophical and spiritual aspects of nursing (Wadsworth, 2012). S., Kozier,., Erb,. In Mental caring is the essence of nursing essay health nursing, empowerment usually means the intent to ensure that conditions are such that the individual can act as a self advocate (Webb, 2008). London: The Royal College of Psychiatrists. As a qualified nurse my role would be to ensure decisions are made on behalf of the service user after much consultation with the service user as communication advocacy is universally considered a moral obligation in nursing practice. Her theory also suggests that caring is a different way of being human, present, attentive, conscious, and intentional (Wafika, Welmann, Omer, Thomas, December 2009,. More health care organizations are working to raise quality standards and meet consumer expectations for safe patient care, and that translates into higher demand for more educated nurses.

In fact, the care of the soul is the most powerful aspect of the art of caring in nursing. Born in 1940 in Virginia, she obtained her Doctorate degree in 1973. Recently she founded Watson Caring Science Institute, a non-profit organization developed to help spread her nursing theory and ideas. I want to be a nurse because I enjoy being around people in their times of need and I get internal satisfaction by serving those that need help. I alerted the nurse that he needed to be pulled up in his chair, in which she replied that it would have to wait until another aid came to help her. In conclusion steps towards better health care can be made by providing encouragement and support to improve communication between nurses/support workers and carers with communication disabilities Godsell and Scarborough, 2006. Ones acceptance to the various stages can be facilitated and expressed through the.

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Mr Moses will be approached in a dignified manner, he should be given choice to decide whether or where he want his care to be carried out, demonstrating appropriate communication, sensitivity and interpersonal skill during interaction. Barker (2004) defines mental health nursing assessment as the decision making process, based upon the collection of relevant information, using a formal set of ethical criteria that contributes to an overall evaluation of a person and his circumstances. This experience has highlighted the difficulties that may be encountered in communicating and gaining valid consent which I will be aware of in future practice. The common goal has become known as caring -healing consciousness. Jeans, watsons Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. I am going for a bachelors in nursing. . Introduction Jean Watsons revolutionary process of patient care was introduced in the 1970s and her theory remains relevant to modern-day nursing practice. The caring theorist, Jean Watson, first developed her theory and published the philosophy and science of caring in 1979 (Current Nursing, 2011). I was told to take him away from the desk and when I came around the desk I finally saw what was wrong. They are happiness, positive attitude, and mental and physical strength. In some people there may be a delay in response time as result of communication caring is the essence of nursing essay impairment. (2006).Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts and Perspectives (5th.

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Nursing Standard. She then moved to Colorado, where she now lives, to further her education. According to Chantal (2003 Watson defines nursing as a human science of persons and human health illness experiences that are mediated by caring is the essence of nursing essay professional, personal, scientific, esthetic, and ethical human care transactions (. I am keenly aware that the essence of my own philosophy of nursing springs from my childhood. Traditionally, nursing philosophy is described using a meta-paradigm of four concepts human being or person, environment, health, and nursing. Every time I took care of Gary I always talked to him like there was nothing wrong with him.

I will be drawing from knowledge and experience gained from that meeting which involve social workers, speech language therapist, adult nurse, mental health nurse and a carer experience. Watsons Transpersonal Caring Relationship describes how the nurse goes beyond their routine assessment, but expresses concerns toward the persons deeper meaning in correlation to their own health care experience. In educational psychology and counseling in 1973. One of the philosophies that are very close to my heart is that I believe that the health of a person is all in the mind. Retrieved May 28, 2013, from m/. DH, London Department of Health (2003) Essence of Care: National patient-focused benchmarking for health care practitioners. Her theory is about maintaining harmony in the mind, body and soul so that the person is congruent with the real self ( Watson, 2009).

Although Gary could not physically do many basic needs for himself, his emotional, spiritual aspects needed to be nurtured in this environment. As a nurse it is important to define personal philosophies, I believe they are the driving force of patient care and how we perceive the healthcare environment that we work in every day. I would watch her show honor in the way she wore her uniform. He touched my hand and smiled as a tear rolled down his face. Chitty,., Black, B, pA:.

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Treating Mr Moses fairly without discrimination is part of the Code, Mr Moses should not be discriminated against because he smells of faeces and trouser wet with urine" but should be respected while attending to his needs. These individual parts of Fayol's organizing plan were not meant to be separate but rather integrated parts of a whole new system: Combining these two principles.e. I did raise some issues with my mentor that was missing when caring is the essence of nursing essay attending to Mr Moses which includes: Respect, Privacy, Self-esteem (self-worth, identity and a sense of oneself) and Autonomy (scie, 2006). One particular afternoon I was sitting at the nurses station and could not do any lifting because of an injury, Gary was sitting there in front. She argued with me for a couple of quick minutes until I decided to do it myself. (2006) Assessments: a rationale for choosing and using.

Philosophy tries to discover knowledge and truth, and attempts to identify what is valuable and important (McEwen Wills, 2011). Nursing, mary Wise, RN, MSN November 18, 2012 Online RN-BSN Introduction After seventeen years in the nursing profession I realize each day is a learning experience. Holistic health has been defined as the health and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit that create a higher, richer state of health that would be achieved with attention to just one part instead of health directed at achieving holism (Eliopoulos, 2010). Studies have showed that by using verbal and non verbal communication techniques appropriately can help us nurses/carers and families to communicate and enhance the communication experience for Mr Kee. . Ishman RN, nUR/403 Theories and Models of Nursing Practice.