Essay on cleanliness in school in kannada

essay on cleanliness in school in kannada

Think of a similar situation that you know about or have been. List the range of consequences for their various choices available to the characters. Value-Inculcation through Co-Curricular Activities : advertisements: The prime purpose of education is to develop all dimensions of the human intellect so that our essay on cleanliness in school in kannada students can help make our country a more democratic cohesive, socially responsible, culturally rich, ecologically sustainable and internationally competitive nation. Developing childrens interest in reading is not a simple task. Value must be experienced in social interaction and reinforced by curriculum content and process. The students then are asked to find out a subtle difference in between the slogans distributed among them. The students arrange the values as per the importance given to each value by them.

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What stops/helps you to make decisions which benefit others/ yourself? Role-playing is not only interest-building but also a very powerful technique in which the students act out problems of human relations and analyse the enactment with essay on cleanliness in school in kannada the help of other role players and observers. Participation in the varied activities,"d so far, will give the students fresh and first-hand experiences which will be helpful in extending not only the mental horizon of the pupils but also broadening their hearts, deepening the sense of duty, social obligation. Geography (Social Studies) : Geography is such a subject that can easily lend to value-discussion. Stories of Bodhisatva from the Jatakas. Children should work together to accomplish their goals. Review of filmstrips/slides : Before entering his or her class, the teacher uses the filmstrips or slides on a projector just to get familiar with the equipment that is going to be used in the class. Celebrating national festivals of different religions. Acting : Students play their roles with action and dialogue. Literature, in all its products and forms (as history, story etc.) modify these ideals and has a lasting influence. Questions based on slides/filmstrips : The teacher writes few motivating questions on the board which becomes helpful for students to actively participate in the discussion. In the same manner, the inculcation of values is done by making use of the posters, Bulletin, Board, etc. Steps inthe Usage of Filmstrips or Slides : The steps in the entire procedure of inculcating values though filmstrips or slides is as follows:.

Inculcation of Values through Discussion on Slogans. Supplementary Readers, the teacher may create (write) his or her own story and then cyclostyle the same for further activity. Make judgements about these actions and consequences. Dramatization has to be used with the purpose of exposing the particular traits in the character and appealing upon their appreciation. Here, in the group discussion, each student is made to tell as to why a particular value is at the top by him or her. They may then relate the story to experiences in their own lives so that they can begin to understand the influences on the decisions they make. Lastly, the teacher leads the students to pray (prayer) and then asks them to disperse. Thereafter, the teacher explains the students about the Value Housie Game and then distributes the slips of Value Housie Game in the class. Development of Value-Consciousness through Story : The teacher may either tell the story or may ask the students to develop the story by giving them certain points. Theme, moral, perspective, etc. Value-Inculcation through Co-Curricular Activities. Concluding, it essay on cleanliness in school in kannada may be said then that if reading of book is that influential, then, it may be firmly stated that the educationists, authors, teachers, evaluators, librarians and even parents must be guided in the first instance.

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Students are also asked to express their views as well as feelings and then are given encouragement for having dialogue in groups. If a ready story is not available even in the books like. If you happen to find that value in one of the squares of your slip, put a cross (X) over the same. Hence, when all the five squares of any row have been ticked/crossed by you, please stand up and announce. Defining the Problem : The teacher here selects such a problem that is valid, meaningful and important to the group, and is concerned with human relations. Approach through story (for the inculcation of value) paves the way for thinking skills approach because story response stimulates students to discuss issues at a deep level. Through interacting with story, students are given the opportunity to reason about the cause and effect of actions, and to consider moral choices. Advertisements: Literature, by virtue of being imaginative, is capable to promote discussion. Advertisements: This article throws light upon the top five strategies of inculcation of values in schools. In the end, the teacher may recommend certain exercises to the pupils and ask them to practice. The age level of students is also to be taken into consideration.

Few questions as given below is then asked by the teacher:. Drama : Drama is a wonderful medium to incorporate values. What changes would you like to bring about in this game? Did you like the game? In the same manner, the stories based on the values like Dignity of Labour, Equality of Sex, Punctuality, etc. Hard work, gratitude, service, friendship and dutifulness. Accordingly, good habits like doing exercises and playing on the playground regularly, will be developed in the students. What exactly have you learnt from this Value Housie Game?

Cultural and moral values. May be taken up by essay on cleanliness in school in kannada the teacher for the inculcation of values. The techniques made use of are Housie Games, Brainstorming and Discussion. Values like maintaining punctuality, cleanliness and orderliness may be made clear to students while teaching the subject of science particularly while teaching a topic like Human Body. Inculcation of Values through Discussion on Slogans : The main purpose or objective here is to help students analyse a slogan and then apply it to ones own life by finding out the hidden values in the slogan. Cutting : If it is found out by the teacher that the selected scene is getting longer, the role-play is cut short. And also on the availability of the material. Role-playing helps the pupils to get insights into their own problems as well as feelings, and it caters to the whole person as a learner. Development of Value-Consciousness through Story.

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Cooperation, time consciousness good manner, national consciousness, obedience, regularity and sincerity. The teacher may stop at a critical point during teaching and either one student or a group of students may be asked to exercise choice and then, let it be pointed out that individual choice is important. Special assembly in schools. Each group consists of 10 or 12 students. There are still few more activities for the inculcation of values is by participation of students in cultural activities like drama, debate, storytelling, story-writing, essays, poetry recitation, celebration of national songs, organisation of sports, music, games. But what is needed is that they have to be filtered and installed through in a way that do not become sermons or moral preaching as such. Curiosity can develop the value of collecting new and old items. Students may use the world of story as a mirror for their own life experiences. He or she who tries to play fair, wins through in the end. In fact, its effectiveness is completely dependent on the tactfulness of the teacher. Teaching of values through examples. Message received by Prophet Muhammad from the Angel. Because, when children read, their own imaginations are formed and their imagination enforces their ideals.

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Do you need any external stimulus (reward or punishment) to help you make decisions? The groups may be either of 10 students or at the most of 12 students. Money nay be a measure of success in the material world, but one should be generous in handling it, at this is not an end in itself? Story provides a distancing effect while still allowing the issues to be confronted. What circumstances were beyond the control of the character/s? Out essay on cleanliness in school in kannada of the five slogans, arrange them priority-wise. Briefing and Warming Up the Characters : The teacher helps the selected students to keep in mind the problem.

Science : The subject of science can be very neatly tackled by the science teachers for the inculcation of values among the students particularly of Std. I and II stories may be taken up for the development of the themes like (i) the ideal of truth, (ii) aspiration for perfection etc. Literature : All the values (listed by Government of Maharashtra for the inculcation in schools) are the characteristics of leading a good life and these can be easily achieved by making the children read good literature. Each slogan is taken for discussion one by one and students are asked to analyse each others responses. The Slogans are either written on the blackboard by the teacher or a slip with at least five slogans printed is distributed among the students.