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However, Statistics Canada produces the Low Income Cut-off or lico, which reveals that in 2004 around.5 million Canadians.2 percent lived below the after-tax lico level. This interpreter is often their neighbor, or a relative who knows English, or their school going children who know English. Ours is a shameful past. It was a lot easier to get Rosa Parks a seat on the front of the bus than it has been to get Rosa Parkss children a genuine opportunity to own the bus company. When I arrived in the Senate, I disagreed deeply with Strom on the issue of civil rights and on many other issues, but I watched him change. Real equality our full redemption remains elusive. United States of America has been thriving with its mixed cultures, millions of different races and ethnicities from all around the world and hundreds of different languages.

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Language is like an identity which binds age old traditions and speaks of a countrys history. I came to essays equality see what he was trying to change, and I came to see that the South was not a distant land. And so in Delaware we have a curious mix of living patterns, and of customs, and of attitudes. But in spite of thriving economically and politically there seems to be a difference that is too obvious to go unnoticed. Martin Luther King. They are not able to realize their full potential and are forced to live below the poverty line because of the reasons mentioned above. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, even after the Civil War, we would not give up slavery. He leaned forward, and he recited the story. It is a way to hold up uniqueness of ones own country. I shook my head; I didnt remember. This is a vital reason why a country needs to have a declared official language which everybody will be obliged to learn. When I began my service in 1972, we were living in tumultuous times. Foreword by Vice President Joseph.

And now its time, he said, its time that this table go from the possession of a man against civil rights to a man who is for civil rights. Credentialism issue arises as degrees and certification from non-traditional source countries may not be as readily recognized. And I laughed, and said to him, I was a pretty smart young fellow, wasnt I,. All three preserves the right of the individual to have access to resources like employment, education and leisure. Leslie Savan in her essay Whats Black, Then White and Said All Over points out how Black English plays a major role in forming English. Since social workers are the one who are in the field they can also suggest better ways of conducting social welfare programs and they can also influence policy-making projects of the government and politicians. But I could sense the coming changes.

To hold the essays equality uniqueness of the American history, to stick with its age old liberty and freedom, it is important to make English, which was the founding fathers language, make the official national language of the United States. (as cited in Hick, 2007,.122-123). Lives are really not so simple for people who do not know English in spite of living in America. Poverty is evident especially to migrant workers as they are sometimes deemed to have incompetent credentials. It will make people think equally of each other since there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. They are conservative in their nostalgia for some of the old ways, but they are downright radical in their willingness to change the law and transform society to fit their vision. And they are wrong. Hick argued in his book that Canadas social welfare services provided by the government are diminishing, and citizens rely more and more in non-profit and for-profit organizations. How can the residents of a country stand united in better or worse if within the same country the residents cannot even agree upon speaking one language in one particular dialect? I wanted someone who would tell the truth; I wanted someone who would wear his heart on his sleeve. And logically speaking if any language was chosen as the official language for America, it would be English.

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Some of that leadership comes from extraordinary individuals. And yet, he would become my friend. Only a few years before, this country had witnessed the assassination of its bravest sons. Our state has a shameful history. I didnt know what he meant. Justice and equality should be enjoyed by all citizens of Canada, regardless of whether they are immigrants, First Nation peoples, Aboriginal peoples and the like. And a half-century after Brown, our children still and yet again attend largely segregated schools. Now is no time to rest on the accomplishments of yesteryear. But it was one of those things that hits you hard in the gut and it makes you want to scream, and it makes you want to cry, and it makes you want to fight. One drawback of it is that, without knowing English hardly anyone in the United States can land on a white-collar job. I thought then, as I do now, that vigilance and strong, outspoken leadership could usher in the healing and transformation we so essays equality desperately needed. Social workers are the one who could see the bigger picture, as they know why certain policies are made or approved, and they also know what is happening in the field. And I knew about Louis.

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Let me share with you a personal lesson that comes from a page in American political history that is until now unwritten. In 1954, I was attending an allwhite Catholic grade school in Claymont, Delaware. If one experiences the exclusion because of prejudice against him/her because he/she is seeking assistance of the government, that in is self can be poverty. Redding thought I should run. Listen to what Judge Bork said at his hearing: The wave is coming. M, (December 31, 1969). (And todays society is set in a way which makes people feel that way. This will not only solve the problems that arise because of differences between various groups of people but will also create a tighter bond between everyone. Even than there are a lot of things missing from their lives: The feeling of loss at knowing that they could provide a better future for their children if they had known English and got a better. Is Canadas society discriminating against immigrants, Aboriginal peoples or women? Lastly, he stated that globalization shifts power multi-national corporations and away from the labor and civil society, thus weakening the support for social welfare programs. Even children, single parents, women, aging citizens, disabled or people simply undergoing a difficult time in their lives has in one way or another needed help from the government.

And he ran his hand back and forth across that mahogany table in a loving way, and he said, You see this table, Joe? But if they knew English and participated in civics they will find out that, they are benefitted more than the government. As in the North, we had large black migrations into our cities, primarily Wilmington, and with it the ghettoization of our black communities. Discrimination, non-recognition or undervaluing of foreign educational skills, credentials and education are most likely the factors why most immigrants live beyond lico as opposed to Canadian-born citizens. They awakened a nation to the cause of equality and justice for all, and because of their courage and foresight, America is stronger. The view of the Constitution that prevailed in Brown. Another vulnerable population in Canada is the Aboriginal peoples. Part slave, part free. It is natural to feel ones own way of speaking and native language is superior to any other languages. This comes off as a great barrier for people who do not speak English or are not fluent. I dont pretend to have fully known about inequality.

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And as my grandmother would say, as I walked out the door, Spread. Not knowing English limits people from communicating freely and openly; it hinders them from interacting and limits life choices for them. That was the totality of it the beginning and the middle and the end. It can also be seen as a product or legislated documents that prescribe how income security and social services are to be carried out. When I first arrived in the Senate, I met with John Stennis of Mississippi. Eighteen years later, after we shared a hospital suite for three months at Walter Reed Hospital, we became friends. Lit will do that.

Our definition of a socially-just welfare can be different because of the different experiences we have. ) To be factual, not having some kind of intellectual job limits people from improvising their lives. Social justice and equality is a significant issue in almost all societies around the world. This is a social justice issue because the Aboriginal peoples are still deprived to practice and nurture the culture that they have for a very long time already. And Shirley Chisholm and Thurgood Marshall and Barbara Jordan, all of whom knew what we all now know namely, that America can only be great when all its citizens are afforded an equal opportunity to grow and learn and themselves be great. When I was a young lawyer, he scared the living heck out. Cutbacks on government spending budget for social services has been implemented and strict eligibility criteria has been set in order to determine who are the people deserving of assistance.

This is because he/she experiences firsthand how hard it is to belong to a low-income family. Yet, it is that sense of essays equality accomplishment that is today, perhaps, the greatest enemy to equality. And perhaps the highest compliment I received when I first ran for the Senate came one day when I was with Louis Redding. It is so much a part. As a kid from Claymont, Delaware, I knew about the Seitz family. I think that it is the duty of the Canadian government, as a welfare state to help its citizens in every way possible in terms of attaining socially-just and equal programs and projects with regards to social welfare. Giddens believe that jobs should not be low-paying and dead-end in order to attain social inclusion. I didnt want that; we dont need that. In a society that calls itself a social welfare state, this kind of inequality must be eradicated. The view of the Constitution that upheld the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is still the majority view but it may be in peril.

Perhaps no one demonstrated more personal courage in that struggle than Littleton Mitchell. Not every country around the world has the same language, but English is considered as the most used international language. But due to this people who speak other languages and not English will automatically feel left out and deprived. Saulis (2003) identified the difference between Aboriginal and mainstream policy-making processes and found out that Aboriginal peoples are more interested in the collective rather that the individual and the approach of the former is more community-based. Therefore, not letting the Aboriginal peoples decide for themselves in terms of social welfare programs will not work. For example, ideas such Social Investment State by Anthony Giddens (1998) proposes a social investment state that focuses on social inclusion by strengthening civil society and providing equality of opportunity than equality of outcomes.

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One word which is common to one particular state becomes foreign to another state and Origins tend to get lost in the roaring mainstream. Then he looked. Before I could think better of it, I told him the exact truth: Civil rights, sir. You can find in it the possibility of redemption. Variety of policies is needed such as employment and pay equity, recognition and promotion of the hidden skills of new immigrants to prospective employers, the provision of language and skills training to the new immigrants and the expedited recognition of foreign credentials. It was a reminder of what our laws could do, of what our schools should do, of what our nation must. And we held on to slavery until the bitter end, long after the northern states had abolished it, long after it filled any economic need. He said, The civil rights movement did more to free the white man than the black man. Read what the Federalist Society is writing. Since English is the de facto essays equality language of the United States, it is English that is mostly used as the most common way of conversation. It has long resonated in my heart. The people of Bangladesh could not tolerate when the Pakistani government tried to force Bangladeshi people to give up their national and mother language Bengali and make Urdu their declared national language. They might even feel that since they are the minority group, the American government does not really care about their emotions.

I went in to see him, and he looked at me and said, Sit down, Joe, sit down, and he tapped that chair. That is why in countries where English is not their national language, it is taught as a second language. Our definitions may vary because of factors which affect our perception and behavior such as our family, mass media, our religion, education, socio-economic status or the experiences we had in relation to social welfare. Are there enough work for everybody? And I walked out of that elevator, thinking I was walking on a cloud, for Louis. Not knowing English proves to be a barrier for them and they face the difficulty of leading life without knowing it almost everyday. These differences are because differences in political ideologies, economic theories and basic notions and views about income security programs in our society. According to Hick (2007 Canada is one of the only few countries without an official poverty line. And weve come a long way. This will not only solve social problems but will fix a lot of the national problems too. And I came to understand. Upon mentioning the hindrances in attaining justice and equality, let us now discuss poverty.

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By doing these, we do not stereotype the individual and we do not label him/her, but we are actually looking at the holistic view of the current conditions. In this paper, I will talk about social justice and equality and how it affects social policies and social work practice. Yet, John Stennis looked at me and said, Good, good, good. This division and difference can only be solved if there was an official language that everybody speaks. Racial discrimination then buttressed by our legal system is no longer sanctioned by law. That is not an easy thing to write. Human rights are inherent rights without which we cannot truly live as human beings. It is more beneficial towards the residents than it is for the government. There are also emerging theories on what is a socially-just just welfare system. Our nation is far different today than it was fifty years ago, when the Supreme Court announced its decision in Brown.

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But as in the South, in southern Delaware, many black farmers became sharecroppers, and they lived next to white folks, and they still. Because of the experiences they already have in working with Canadas programs, they can give efficient programs for starters and they can also be open for consultations in order to guide other countries who want to adapt a welfare state system. Segregated lunch counters and water fountains commonplace then are now relics of the past. This difference can be less of a discrimination if there was one language everybody used. Strom Thurmond was another man who, in the end, made his choice and moved to the good side. There are times, after all, to be angry about what is happening. So, what is a socially-just welfare system? No job or work is considered to be lower than the other and is as respectful as the profession of a doctor or teacher, but it is common for most people to wish to have a white-collar job and be in a real office. As soon as I did, I could feel the beads of perspiration on my head, and I got a very uneasy feeling. Yet, Brown also produced great acts of courage; essays equality Brown was emboldening. This is where the various conflicts start taking place: This having diversity within the same language within a country creates a big gap between people from different regions. However, Delaware was one of the border states; we were a slave state.

Exhibit: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, this exhibit provides an accessible and lively introduction to the French Revolution as well as an extraordinary archive of some. I replied, Yes, sir,. The International Bill of Human Rights is the primary basis of the United Nations (UN) to promote, protect and monitor human rights and fundamental freedom. I knew that the Seitz family had contributed to the wellbeing of my state in essays equality every single aspect of their lives, and for more than a single generation. I am so proud of all that Delaware did to confront the wrong of segregation and to advance the cause of equality. In my opinion, how we view poverty is affected by the socialization we have as we grow.

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Therefore, the intricate relationship between social justice, equality and social welfare is vital in understanding the values, norms and attitudes that individuals in a certain society possess. In his article, he stated that even though Aboriginal communities are now fully capable of delivering and implementing social welfare programs, they still do not have autonomy to do programming in a way that fully takes into account the culture of their people. English is a very diverse and lucid language which has derived numerous words from Sanskrit, Arabic, Spanish, French, German and many others. That respect is contagious and it essays equality is transformative. But in case English was declared to be the official language of the United States, these non-English speakers would be bound to learn it no matter what. And he said something that startled. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! It took the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery in Delaware, and Delaware, the First State, where most black citizens had already been free for a generation, refused to ratify that amendment. I knew that Judge Seitz was a genuine hero. However, there are debates arising nowadays that questions Canadas position as a welfare state because of the tax cuts in funds that are allocated for social welfare programs such as income supplements and other monetary assistance for people who need help. As migrants workers adjust to the culture and practices in Canada, it would be unhelpful if people will judge them instead of helping them. And he looked at me and he said, Son, what made you run for the Senate?

This division between languages creates gaps between communities of people within the same country which leads to one group of people feeling inferior to the others. He said, This table was the flagship of the Confederacy from 1954 to 1968. But even though Black English essays equality is so influential in forming the modern English that we speak today, it is not above criticism. He was in his seventies at the time and was chair of the Armed Services committee. And that was the end of the conversation. Some of these immigrants do not speak English, but are still leading their lives here. If you are there long enough, it has an impact on you. As a result in the long run, all the above mentioned problems would be solved. According to Mishra (1999) globalization undermines the ability of the national governments to pursue policies of full employment and demand management.

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Let us start the discussion by defining what social welfare. But that simply is not true. I hope that the Canadian government as well as the citizens could improve the conditions in our country to further promote social justice and equality and in order to protect and exercise the well-being of its citizens. For example, if one belongs to a low-income family, his/her definition of socially-just welfare can be those programs that give monetary, social and psychological assistance to all low-income families, without the need for strict criteria of eligibilities. (Book of Readings, 103-104). This was an awakening for white boys who didnt know many black folks. In America, our schools do more than teach; our courts do more than decide cases; our legislatures do more than make laws. Featured items and exhibits are listed below, or use the Explore tab above to visit specific exhibit pages. John Stennis was leaving the Senate, and I was likely to occupy his office. And it was also Delaware. Canada is known to be a social welfare state wherein social services and income security programs are available to citizens and these programs are provided by the government in various levels. In a globalized economy wherein every action of almost all countries affects each other, we should always take into consideration the three important aspects namely social justice, equality and human rights intersect.