Prostitution should be illegal essay

prostitution should be illegal essay

Points Of View: Prostitution (2011). Additionally, many prostitution should be illegal essay pimps have historically beaten, abused and raped their employees, effectively making the workplace a Russian roulette of possible mistreatment and battery. Legalization of prostitution is also another big problem. Such ill-fated choices may result in various forms of enslavement. During their job women must always lie about their bodies, the way the react to certain things and their very lifestyle. Exchange of money for sexual service. The more sexual partners an individual possess, the higher the probability becomes that he or she may contract a sexually transmitted disease, possibly transmitting it to future partners (Rich par. Also, it would leave the door wide open for unionization and if legalized, would deter and punish non-tax paying, illegal, non-health exam abiding, underground, devious prostitutes. Dire circumstances contribute to ones rational when deciding to engage in sexual solicitation. If a women is to stay with someone she loves, lets say a spouse, and has bruises and things like that, you can see that she is there by choice, thus allowing the public to see that and not worry. Heterosexual prostitution is the most common.

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A prostitution should be illegal essay junkie on the streets of Miami has the right to inject the numbing sedative known as heroin into their bloodstream; many collegiate undergraduates choose to spend their weekends consuming amounts of alcohol so large that they end. More so than consent, a prostitute usually complies with the only options available to her (Raymond par. For these aforementioned reasons prostitution should remain illegal. Even though contracting a sexually transmitted disease is a common concern once a prostitute has entered this market, the most frequently asked question is why they decided to choose this particular profession. Legalized prostitution has the potential to improve public and personal health, increase job openings, increase tax revenue, can help keep families off of the streets and out of poverty, and most importantly, allows consenting adults to engage in actions they consciously choose to make.

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Weekend Mail Kuala Lumpar :. In America several shelters have been opened for trafficking victims, and some states have enacted their own anti-trafficking laws. Many of them are trapped in an endless cycle of violence, drug addiction, and poverty (Rich par. Another major consequence of legalizing prostitution becomes apparent when the legitimization of sex markets strengthen the criminal-enterprise of organized pimping (Poulin par. Inevitably, more agents (sellers and buyers) would enter the market, and many would neglect to use protection therefore increasing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (Harry par. Most women that enter prostitution do so for reasons based on survival. Male buyers have been known to be the ones that usually carry the disease prostitution should be illegal essay and pass it to their women. Both men and women are at risk in getting disease that has no cure. The Case Against Legalizing Prostitution Opinion. Women get hurt doing this job everyday just to get enough money to afford food and the clothes on their backs.

When they do, their situation can be very precarious. Not to mention, the increased risk of illness or infection via sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs or death. We do not know the extent of the unreported cases (Ramchandran par. Although the Health Ministry statistics show that only about 10 per cent of aids infections are spread by prostitutes, the Malaysian aids Council is concerned about the epidemic of such sexually transmitted diseases. Point: Prostitution Should Remain Illegal. Many reasons such as the aforesaid explain why prostitution should remain illegal.

Usually prostitutes are prostitutes because they couldnt start working in any other field like sales, medicine, banking etc. International agreements and coalitions have been formed to fight this problem. 10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution. Any mental case could take advantage of them and kill them where no one would be available to help you at the time and place where this could happen. This can lead to re-enslavement or rough treatment at the hands of officials who should be protecting them but only see the escaped victim as an illegal immigrant (Bales par. In cases of trafficking, arrival is just the beginning of enslavement, the institution of coercive control over the person, and exploitation for profit, such as forced labor or prostitution (Bales par.

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It would allot opportunity for sustainable and consistent income as well. Legalization advocates who claim that legalization would reduce disease transmission by requiring that prostitutes be routinely tested for STDs fails to account for the fact that unless all their clients are tested as well before participating in any sexual activity. Laws in Canada are made very un-clear. If prostitution were to become legal in the United States, something it would definitely do in my opinion, is just expand the sex industry. Prostitutions needed the money not only to support themselves but to support but to support there familys. Prostitution is a hazardous business. The point being that, each of us has the God-given right to partake in any activity of conscious choice without government interference. Massage parlors were located close to railway stations. Men and women take dangerous risks at night and in warm weather. This also includes pornography and human trafficking, both of which are essential forms of institutionalized, illicit sexual activity (Rich par.

Prostitution is the one of the worlds oldest professions. Many victims of trafficking of persons begin their journey by consenting to be smuggled from one country to another. The women more then men. No matter what position one may play in these illicit solicitations, the lines of division remain blurred between the prostitute, the pimp, and the customer. As I had ready in someone elses post on canvas about legalizing hard drugs, they had also mentioned that legalizing these hard drugs would just expand their sales, people who sold them illegally wouldnt stop the way their selling even if it is legal. Smuggling and trafficking both involve moving human beings for profit, but in smuggling the crime ends on arrival in the destination country. First of all the one thing that destroys peoples lives through the biological act of sex is HIV. It also does not enhance womens choices (Raymond par. Often the revenue from the job is needed to support a drug addiction or to provide supplemental means of basic subsistence, such as housing, food or transportation (Rich par. Around the world, governments are enacting new laws to combat trafficking in persons. (Criminal code sections 213 (1).) If a prostitute was found working in a massage parlor, the offender the offender would receive amaximum term of six months in jail and or a 2,000 fine. If women were to be abused through their work in prostitution and wanted to take one of their customers to court for it, they would have very little legal law enforcement backing them up which would be the result. Some of these are fatal including syphilis, gonorrhea, and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (aids) (Harry par.

The mere fact that it is called the worlds oldest profession should not blind us to its inherent evils. Prostitution is viewed morally wrong and prostitution should be illegal essay extremely not acceptable. As of June 2003, a total of 54,914 HIV/aids cases were reported. Simply put, each of us has complete regulation over our own bodies and said ownership encompasses every single person in this world. From The Legalization of Prostitution and Its Impact on Trafficking in Women and Children. The most ironic aspect regarding the matter is that our government stands under the belief that their actions are ultimately helping our country and are constitutionally justifiable. In a free society, of which the United States is undeniably considered, such supervisory actions are a blatant violation of the civil rights and liberties granted to all citizens. More women would obviously be out on the job, which also increases the risks and factors of being raped, kidnapped or even killed. As well, the laws prohibiting and forbidding the act of prostitution is the oldest form of government discernment and overbearing regulation. Usually when women decide to become prostitutes It was not a sudden choice, they did not sit down and think of what they wanted. If prostitution were deemed a legal activity, the benefits would resonate through every facet of the business: from the buyer, to the supplier, to the constantly observing Big Brother. First of all, legalization of prostitution in the United States does not decrease per say, but also does not enhance womens choice. Prostitution should be cleaned off our streets.

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The response to human trafficking, however, has been diminished by an ongoing controversy over what is the best way to respond to those victims who are trafficked into sexual exploitation and prostitution (Bales par. No longer would these women (or men) be involuntarily required to forfeit a chunk of their pay to pimps, as they would take home what they grossed with hard, honest work. 50 of the women in Toronto work for themselves. Prostitution takes place in many different places. Without the needed languages or contacts, they are at the mercy of whomever they encounter. The bulk of the punishment, however, needs to be directed at those who have forced these women into prostitution and controlled them at every turn, namely the pimps and traffickers (Rich par. It first started in the early 1800s. Under legal circumstances, prostitutes would not be subjected to the maltreatment of one overbearing, mentally and physically abusive supervisor, but instead under the protection of the police force and the swift, equitable hand of the law. Prostitution is part of a vast economy of misogyny and female oppression (Rich par.

Sometimes men want or would even pay for sex without a condom to feel the Full experience. Prostitution should be legal considering our constitutional rights. Prostitution is defined as providing sexual service, for the return of money. Prostitutes are the real victims in these practices (Rich par. Not only does this promote sex trafficking in the United States and even other countries, but it also promotes child prostitution. These migrants were mostly single men, husbands who left tem who left temporarily left their wives and children at home. Its usually their last option. Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Such compliance is required by the nature of the transaction (Raymond par. No one wants to get beaten up during their work.

Because of this, the crimes smuggling and trafficking are often confused. Most women who prostitute themselves in the US do so because they have no other source of income and no prospects for other, legitimate employment (Rich par. The fact that prostitutes consummate with numerous partners does not help prevent these sexually transmitted diseases (Rich par. This would be worse in developing countries where poverty, illiteracy and ignorance lead citizens into all sorts of unwholesome and precarious acts. The way our government is prohibiting and regulating prostitution blatantly violates the rights of an individual, attempting to muzzle and control individual choices. In Canada, it is illegal for women to attempt to stop moving cars, stopping the regular flow of the pedestrians, or making an attempt to communicate with others with the offer of sexual services. We will write a custom essay sample on, why, prostitution, should, remain, illegal in the United States specifically for you for only.9/page. Order now, many social ills related to this illegal profession involve activities that lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections (Rich par. Although it is less likely to happen, some victims of trafficking escape (Bales par.

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Their lifes are so controlled by pimps they forget about what they are doing and what they got themselves. Prostitution attracts crime, spreads disease, and objectifies women. Prostitution, should, remain, illegal in the United States, prostitution is said to be the worlds oldest profession (Ramchandran par. Thus, the customer and prostitute alike must face the consequences of their actions (Rich prostitution should be illegal essay par. It show more content, women are at higher risks then men. Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society. 1.) Living as a prostitute. It was believed that the most population in 1800s was migrants. The practice of prostitution presents many dangers: to prostitutes, to customers, and to society at large. Rich, Alex., and Heather Newton. But if people know that the women are all beaten up with bruises and cut lips because of their job in prostitution, its only logical for the public to realize and understand that she is NOT.